Preview of the French Open

Bonjour tout le monde!

I start this preview by saying, see you in the final! And this time I really mean it!

At this moment in times I am still thinking about the draw and staff are having problems wiping the grin off My face. I have smiled for longer than ten minutes so far. It’s the big cheesy grin, which is just as well as nous sommes en France.rogthat - Copy

Roland, Mon dieu! You have surpassed yourself. When I said in my letter about pushing the envelopes I had no idea you’d already had staff put a stamp on it and sent it overseas! You’ve raised the bar, set the new standard. My goodness the mood you were in when thinking about the draw, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d have put Andy, Jamie and Judy of the Murrays all on the other side of the draw as well! Mr. Wimbledon has always been good to Me, to say the least. But this? This is the future. Merci beaucoup! You’ve done more for Me this year than Paul Anaconda.

Far be it from Me to make the complaints. But you let the little Berdy slip through the net? Any chance we can make the little changes and make the quiet noises as we slip him to Rafaello and Nolay’s side of the draw? Don’t worry Roland, I forgive you, you can’t all be perfect.

But it isn’t just about Me in this moment. I think, Roland, you’ve made the empathy with real tennis fans. Who wants to see Rafaello and Nolay in the final? I know I certainly don’t.

Before I go I need to clear something up as I have received a lot of questions about it. Recently I did an, Ask Me Anything on reddit internet technologies. I think it is a website. Fans were able to ask Me questions. Somebody asked Me, “… if you had an upcoming match against a 2007 Roger Federer, what would your strategy be to win and how do you think you would fare?”

I replied, “… I hope I’m a better player today than I was back then. I feel like I’m a more complete player today. Although my game hasn’t changed much, my experience would allow me fewer mistakes …”

I need to make the clarifications. When I said fewer mistakes, I wasn’t referring to My the first serves in lately, and I certainly wasn’t making the referencing to My healthy unforced error count, nor was I referring to My tournament wins so far this year. Actually, I don’t know what I was referring to.

Until next time (and the time after that time).
PF xxx

9 thoughts on “Preview of the French Open

  1. Yes, it makes you wonder, what were you reffering to? I kind of was concerned for your mental health my GOAT, you know? But I still love you, if anything even more.

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  3. Reblogged this on Clive's Blog and commented:
    I don’t know if any of you are interested in tennis, but if you are you really should be following this blog. It’s a superb parody of Roger Federer and always makes me laugh. If you want to follow it on Twitter too it’s @PseudoFed – which is a brilliant name (say it out loud if you don’t get it at first, then think medicine!).

  4. Dearest GOAT boss,

    I am sure Mr. Roland does appreciate the picture and the T-shirt You had staff make on this, the occasion of the -allmost- perfect drawings. If ever there was a perfect picture to a perfect story, than this must be it.

    My thoughts were with You and Your smile when I whitnessed the drawings being made by Your special friend Maria Sharapova last Friday. I trust You had staff send her a big thank You note. But then again, You already gave Your own mini-me to her.

    Kind regardings,

    PS: I am looking forward to the finals. Is staff supposed to send a thank you note to the man with the noisy family after he makes sure Rafaello won’t meet You there? Or will You decide on that later?

  5. Brilliant! Have just returned from cruising the Med so am in the good moods and also feeling the shatterings so will refrain from my usual detailed reply. Just one piece of advice…sack the member of staff who chose that picture!! Your devoted Andy fan. Love to the ladies in your life. xx ps Rafa and Nole for the Final…you know it makes sense. xx

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