2nd Round (robin) matches – Paris

Bonjour fans,

Firstly thank you for the continuing supports. I was surprised more seats were not filled to see Me in Philippe Chatrier. I am making assumptions that there must have been transport issues. Please try harder for Friday.

As you saw, the first two sets went very well and I played so well. I was relaxed for sure and felt wonderful. Then in the third set I felt a little spinning in my heads. I nearly called the medic but did not want to create, or do the locomotion. It cleared after the first game of the forth sets and I ended with styles. I want to be stressed that we must not take anything away from Mr. Ungur. He is a very strong player and a good people. Romania is one of my favourite places in Italy and last week’s Masters there was a place I always look forward to visiting before Roland Garros.

After the game I had the showers and the Press Conferences in many languages. Somebody asked Me what colour my outfit is. Off courts I like to wear turquoise in this moment. It’s fun for this time of year. On court it is like a dark grey. It used to be black but I think housekeeping washed it too many times.

On Friday I am playing either Mahut or somebody else I’ve never heard of. I don’t know where they find them but if this one takes a set from Me as well I will be very angry and will fire somebody. Whilst typing this on my iGOAT I am watching Gilles Simon who is beating Mark Webber two sets my love. I believe playing two professional sports is illegal and against the laws so outside of the Formula One he uses “Brian Baker”.

You must all be so happy to read this personal message, from Me, to you.


7 thoughts on “2nd Round (robin) matches – Paris

  1. Thank you for pointing out Mark Webber’s moonlighting–have you mentioned this to Bernie Ecclestone? He would probably want to know this, and maybe reward you for your observant perspicacity?

  2. Your Highness, you forgot ‘Goderer’ as an option in your poll. Otherwise, i voted ‘Me’. Can’t go wrong with that one.

  3. Bonjour GOAT,

    Ufhhh, finally, You wrote Your 2nd post… I’m dying waiting for it.
    I’d like to know something. Could I?
    I wonder why You (still) wore Your black socks. That’s my curiosity.
    Well, yeah, the black one is match with Your outfit.
    I thought, You’d wear the white one v Mr. Ungur, after You choose to win against Mr. Kamke.
    About Your outfit colour, is it “Scarlet Fire”? Ooops! #wrongplayer
    Enjoy Your time in Paris! 🙂

  4. ‘Please try harder for Friday.” – lol

    “On court it is like a dark grey. It used to be black but I think housekeeping washed it too many times.” – lol

    Very funny!!! Keep them coming!

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