Hello My fans!

I was thinking it would be so nice and humble to share Myself a little more on a bloggings. It is difficult sometimes to share how great you are just using the tweetings.

Paris is so beautiful in this moment. I played my first matches yesterday and was brilliant. I am playing so well at the moment. I was very tired in the Roma after My favourite tournament of Madrid. The tennis calendars is very tough. Only having 5 weeks off before Madrid was difficult for Me.

In the additions I would like to re-affirm the commitments to re-gaining My #1 seeding and beating the record of My very dear friend, Pistol Peter (Sampras). It will be a challenge but nothing is impossibles for sure. We are heading towards My best times of the year. Wimbledon is of course so great and the ball servants are probably the best in the world.  Throw into the mix the unfaltering support of Sue Barking, Tim Henmans and Andrew that lives in a Castle, and I will admit I find it hard to top this occasion.

I had better go for now. Paul Anaconda says I need to hit the slightly heavier balls in preparation for My next round. Look out soon for My next posting and soon I will allow you wonderful fans to ask questions via the Twitter.

All the best,

2 thoughts on “Hello My fans!

  1. Fed the Goat, Please make sure u enjoy RG thoroughly, remember u have to defend finalist points there, make sure to wag ur finger to the joker after u beat him !!! Hope Rafa will kick ur ass again!!! Vamos!!

  2. Love the GOAT blogging. Briilant as always. Does PsedoFed have big fingers so misspells some things. Love the nickname.

    Tweeted Rob Koenig this question, “Do you think that the slowing down surfaces have allowed chance to win all 4 slams easier?” Koenig answered “Absolutely!” GOAT won on ALL surfaces before they were slowed down. Maybe Pete would not have won so many if courts were slower. Rafa, Djoker helped by this. Homogenization of courts is bad. What does the GOAT think?


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