Shut up

I am so happy My fans! It feels like My birthdays have all arrived in the same moments!

Let me get the negative things away from the antique tables first. I had to fire another one of My staff this evenings as he suggested I was lucky that I got through to the semi-finals by playing nobody people and then one injured person. This is totally untrue and makes the illustrations of what you can do with the statistics.

Won Martin Del Della of the Potros was not injured but played and amazing matches for all 5 sets. It was very close! But, of course, I was even more awesomes. I make up the mixes with shots of the droppings so his long injured legs could not arrive in time, also cross court passings and very fast things too.

I tried to tousle Delpo’s hair after the match like I did Goffin but I could not reach. I will get a little ladder so I will do it later.

It is true I did shout the “Shut Up” during the match. I think Djokovic’s family were there again like a few years ago. This is illegal noises and something the ATP should do something about. If it happens again I am not coming back next year (unless the clay is natural blue).

Everything was against me today:
– I played somebody I had heard of
– My opponent was too tall
– I was not on the centre court
– the clay was surprisingly slower than a hard court
– he was wearing a yellow shirt

But I still came through Victoria!

See you in the final!

Bisous xxx

14 thoughts on “Shut up

  1. Dont u ever do that again….2 sets down, for the humble goat to start off..???that doesnt not sound very GOATISH!!! Hope The Goat wont be sleeping in the first 2 sets againt the joker, else maybe hard to get a VICTORIA!!!

  2. “I make up the mixes with shots of the droppings” – this line has such a nice cadence it could be made into a piece of chamber music. Or a rap. Which would be closer to your heart?

  3. Ummmm…..pseudofed – he is either injured, or not injured, can’t be both! If he is NOT injured, what’s this about the ‘long, injured legs’?
    I think that you maybe need to invest in a Djoko-Egg of your own, to enhance the match analysis and concentration aspects of your game Lol!

  4. congrats GOAT. considering everything was against you it was a truly a spectacular performance. Finally, red clay’s time has come and pass, time roland garros goes blue!

    • Oh? Thank you for the educations of the world customs. Changing the subjects, I was thinking of purchasing one of those sun strip things for one of My cars and uniquely having the names in it made with the stencils. “GOAT … Mirky” … Thoughts?

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  6. Fakefed(almost same,no?)
    There was a time when it was easy to be your fan/devotee/worshipper.
    I think it is coming back,all-over-again!
    Thanks for WINNING,dude 🙂

  7. Ditto on the finger wag! Can’t wait to see it. Then you can patent it officially and buy presents for your Murky. She has expensive tastes.

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