Caroline Wozniacki

Bonsoir Mon fans,

Did not do much today. I am playing in a very small tournament at the moments waiting for the real season of the tennis to start in Halle.

I want to start by discussings some very important things. My number one seedlings. I want to take this moment to show my admirations for Caroline Woznicackiackis. I never made any small or big accusations about her when she achieved her number one seedling without winning a John Majors. I promise. I think this kind of achievement is very difficult to do. You will make the notes that hardly anybody has ever done this in the open era, or back in the olden times ago. Not even Pistol Peter did this! I want to re-confirm that this year I am trying to make replications of her greatness. By the way, please do not change the points systems.

I know what you want to hear. You are waiting for Me to talk about today’s unimpotent match against the man with the noisy families. Firstly I had a magnificent tournaments! I reached the finals of the semis!!! The draw was extremely difficult but I did the battling. But, as I disclosed this evening to the media associations, I have a bad hip. For those of you that are not Doctor people, this is the top part of the leg, inside the skin. Anyway, I did not want to use it as an excuse so waited until I lost to make the mentions after the match to the Swiss Press.

Some of you lucky ones may have seen My interview on Eurosport on Wednesday in the studios with Mats WingLander. It was fun. I confirmed that I was “on fire” in My match of the Quarters against a tall boy. I also confirmed that Rafa’s achievements are OK on this artificial surface BUT the margins are much bigger than on proper surfaces. Coincidentals, the ones I have won on. So his victories are not as important as Mine. Today I proved how wide the margins are by making the creations of more Unforced Federrors than anybody in the history. This orange surface is just so easy that usually I choose not to win.

I really wanted to leave Paris this evenings but Mirky wanted to stay. This is quite unusuals. Apparently she has an old friend that she is meeting on Sunday afternoons so I won’t see her at all. I know it is an important thing for her as she has already bought a stunning red and yellow dress. I hope they have a lovely times.

Lastly the most important thing today was Boris Becking. He came to watch Me. Did you see his sun protection spectacles? They were rather big. Every time I made the turning around to face him I thought they had built one of those sky scrape buildings like in Dallas with J.R. Ewing. Please forward Me the address of where he made the purchases as I may make the small investments.

There is not much happening now in the world of Tennis until I play in beautiful Halle. I missed it last year and I had to write how sorry I was one hundred times.

See you in the final!

Bisous xxx

16 thoughts on “Caroline Wozniacki

  1. Maestro, this was your funniest blog post yet! I applaud you & look forward to seeing you play in Halle. Let the season begin!

    Love, your blue fan (I suppose I should change this old photo, haha)

  2. Does Mirky get jealous of the love Mats Winglander has for you? The way he talks it seems he is doing the thinkings of you before he goes to sleep and when we wakes up.

  3. Mats Winglander will be crying into his smorgasbord tonight that emergency hip surgery will prevent him from handing You the Coupe des Mosquitos on Sunday. Perhaps Mirky can pick it up for you, seeing as she’ll be around …

  4. “You are waiting for Me to talk about today’s unimpotent match against the man with the noisy families. Firstly I had a magnificent tournaments! I reached the finals of the semis!!!” Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are so generous to allow the Spanish boy the honour of taking away Novak’s Slam of the Grands on Sunday. You always take such care of your little fans GOAT. So humble!

  6. I believe I stole your first choice of Twitter profile names: mosthumble. Sincerest apologies for that and for inferior opponents with loud families.

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