Andrew Lloyd Weber Open in Halle

Dear fans,

Danke to all My supporters who came to see Me in the box stadium. I have settled down after the flight of long hauls from Paris (France). As you saw in this afternoon’s match, I was still doing the suffering from the jetflags.

We need to agree that I am approaching the final chapter of My career. I would like to announce for you this German evening that at presents I am only planning to play for another twenty six and a half years.

I had no problems against the Raonic but did suffer a little of the flashbacks. We all know how these affected Jack, the man who lived in Hawaii, the island inhabited by Polar Bears and black smoke. You see Raonic’s hair did not move for the entire match. This reminded me of playing Novaks. In addition in the first set I wasn’t sure if I was playing David Hasslinghoffs as I know he is still popular in Germany. This explains My match today. I want to make the assurings that everything is fine and I am on course for making HI6TORY!

I am typing this in My locker room after performing in the Press Conferences. I don’t enjoy them here as much. My favourite Journos such as Mr Harmans from The Times are not here. Also I am typing from a special program on My FedBerry called an “app”. I believe this is an abbreviations for “applause” as it is so pleased to be on My phone. So if I make some mistakes you will forgive Me as I am all fingers and the toes.

Speak soon! xxx

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6 thoughts on “Andrew Lloyd Weber Open in Halle

    • Concur 😀

      Oh PseudoFed, you truly improve my well being every day…

      Glad you’re getting over the terrible lagging – after all, Germany is such a long way from France… Does this also explain you’re not having won a GS in over two and a half years – still recovering from the flyings back from Australias…

      It’s a pity…

  1. So pleased to see that the Noodle has lost. It means that you only have to put up once with the irritating little gnat this summer on the proper courts.

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