Halle, Haas and Towels

Dear fans of Mine,

As always I appreciate your constant support. I think of each and every one of you, sometimes.

Today I lost to Tom Haas in the Andrew Lloyd Weber tournament. I have some comments.

First, I want to say this is a big relief. All week somethings did not feel correct. The grass was not as I felt that it should have been: Centre Court was a little boxy, no Sue Barker, no Boris Becking with large sun protection spectacles, no strawberries with the creams. Today during the final I realised I was not at the Wimbledon! Upon such realizations I chose to lose as I noticed all the other top ones are either on the vacations or went out of their tournaments early. So the realities is, I won!!!

Now some words about Herr Haas. I have heard that he has appointed himself as top ATP physio person specialist. How does this affect the players? I believe that when playing him, if you need a trainer to touch your legs during a match you now have to ask Haas for the permissions and not the umpire (the one who sits in the very high chair). If you don’t do this I understand Haas will get very upset and make opinions about you.

So, I know you all want to know how I skilled Myself in deciphering that I was not in Wimbledon? At first this was tricky. Yes. But somethings just did not seem real. Like in movies like Matrix with Jim Reeves. I give you an examples. This morning Andrew Lloyd Weber let Me in the court very very early so I could hit Paul Anaconda’s balls. This is normal for top players. It was around 6 o’clocks in the am. I looked around and saw that all the seats in the stadium had towels on them. Then I looked at the players’ bench and I noticed Haas had already been here before Me and already had a towel on his bench. Maybe this is a traditions?

Now I have a week off. I will build up for My favourite tournament composing My annual letter to Wimbledon. Because now we have internet technologies, this year I will share it with you via this bloggings so watch My space. Today’s culture is all about being invisible because everything should be transparent.

I hope I have a great evening, take care of Myself, I will talk to you soon.


4 thoughts on “Halle, Haas and Towels

  1. Glad u realised this is not Wimbledon & that too soo soon….u really r the GOAT!!
    Saw u had a fall there..hope ur highness is feeling allright??

  2. Congratulations on your close placing in a two-horse over-30s race… The first being a tiebreaker, so technically, you still got 6 games there – practically a set…

    I’m yet to see the graceful stack; I shall now google… as it is important for fans to be close to you, in victory and off your feet…

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