Humble tennis player. Everybody says the best player ever and I like to agree.  All opinions, blog posts and tweets are #humble™ Follow Me on the Twitter @PseudoFed

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This work is original and created by its author. PseudoFed’s author does not operate any other tennis parody account. @PseudoFed on twitter was created in 2010.

Copyright © 2010 – 2015 – PseudoFed – All Rights Reserved.

Note: A message from My staff ;o)
PseudoFed on Twitter and this blog is no way intended as anything negative towards Roger Federer and should not be taken as such. The author is first and foremost a fan of tennis and “PseudoFed” is a way of bringing fans together through light-hearted entertainment.

27 thoughts on “About

    • Hello Aqua Girl 4 Rogerr.

      “Who are u??” – I am PseudoFed. Nice to meet Me
      “Why do u spread hatred??” – There is no hatred here, just light hearted fun and only that. Like most things in life, it’s subjective and not everyone will find it funny.
      “Why are you after Roger????” – I make light of everyone I mention in the tennis world. Only in the name of fun.
      “What did he do to u???” – Provide Me with all the material I need. 🙂

      I’m sorry if you don’t see the funny side of it but if you think there’s any hatred you’re very much mistaken.


  1. excellent stuff roger, both twitter and here..more players should do this…helps to get close to their fans and bring tennis to the world…and the world needs you, now more than ever

  2. If any day between now and my permanent departure from this worldly existence (I am hoping at least not untill 2073) Roger Federer reveals that he in fact was, is and always has been Pseudofed, than I swear, I will truly regard him as the GOAT.
    In the mean time, I stay your devoted, little, member of staff.

    Kind regardings,

  3. Excuse me? How on earth do people not find Pseudofed funny? I am a Rafan, and a Fedal supporter, and a tennis lover myself, so I find it really absurd that people are attacking the pseudo’s goatlings 😉 for no apparent reason? If you want vile bile inducing vicious and malignant comments & journos-go find them on tennis.com. I am Kill Bill’s Uma thurman waiting to slay Bill a.k.a. Peter Bodo and the ruffian maniacal nolefam on tennis.com, who cant stop attacking Rafa and Fed.
    Pseudofed is fun. And if you can’t get the humors in the middle of the tweetings and bloggings, go fire yourself

  4. PseudoFed, do you look like Roger Federer and if so can I marry you?

    Grateful to write you,


  5. I am a mega Fed fan and this blog is hysterical. Obviously and to be quite honest, look – to know as much as you do about the man says you are a fan as well as a very, very talented wordsmith. Thank you for making me smile !

  6. my first comment on here.. excellent blogging . smarty funny pants…keep doing what you’re doing making people happy..<3

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