Daniela Objectivications

Hello My Dear Ones,

I am well, probably better than you.

As the Pseudo US Open gets underway I breathe the sigh of reliefs after staff were shaking my head all last week. I know you are of the eagers to learn why.

Before I tell you this, let us first learn about the word, objectivication. This means you remove your personal bias (usually towards Me… in which case, no need for it to be taken away) and try and look at a subject with the honestations, forgetting what you would like the conclusion to be.

Last week I was watching our favorite sport on one of My homes cinemas television sets, I had to get staff to adjust the aerial a few times although to be fair, the signal was coming from America.

Daniela Hantuchova

Unfortunately, Amazon Primes have decided to pay Daniela Hantuchova to appear to give her opinions. Now, let us take a moment please. Some commentators are almost as great as me; Catherine Whitaker for example, fantasticness, Jo Durie one of the best, Mr Bradlings Gilbert a legend, Greg Rusedski of course, not to mention Chris Fowler.

Now, Novak of the Djokovic creates the polorizing opinions. I like to criticize him Myself, especially before a tournament sometimes in the hopes it puts him off. However, let us remove these motivations of not wanting him to catch Me up. He is at the top of the game and whether you like it or not, one of the most successful players the game has ever seen. He has achieved 17 Slam titles, and his other statistics are making staff’s eye water on My behalf.

Despite all this, Daniela has the bee in the little bonnett about his diet. He needs to change it, she says, obviously having just completed her PhD in Sports Nutrition. Apparently he needs the meat because of the ‘protein’. These arguments are as old as Wimbledon’s traditions, the difference being, the latter still stand the test of the times.

Daniela, has anybody told you what protein even is? If Mr. Protein walked past you and said, ‘Good Afternoon’, would you recognize it was him?

Allow Me, Daniela, for the education times. Vegan athletes exist. Carl Lewis – needs no introduction, Colin Kaepernick – American Football, Pat Neshek – Baseball, Morgan Mitchell – Olympic sprinter… of course, the list goes on and continues to increase.

Whether you personally approve of Novak’s choices or not is Mr. Frankly, immaterial. This means it doesn’t matter. His achievements are one of the best and I hope he doesn’t overtake Me, though he might.

Remember Daniela, nobody thought running the four minute mile (this means running one mile in under four minutes) was possible, so nobody tried. Then one day a gentleman called Roger Bannister decided to do what nobody else was doing, and he achieved this seemingly impossible task. He did not reach this success by doing what everybody else had done up until that point. This is called, thinking outside of the boxes. Few dare. Once Mr. Bannister showed the world it was possible, then others did it too, but it took Roger to show the world it was possible (see what I did there).

You don’t achieve greatness by copying others’ tactics, Daniela. Doing this usually results in you being similar to them.

The moral of this story? Dear commentator people, your opinions do not matter as much as you think they do.

Not being on court is not good for Me.

Much love,
PF xx

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6 thoughts on “Daniela Objectivications

  1. Goodness me, you have got the times on your hands haven’t you? I had to do the making of the coffee (decaf naturellement) , the plumping of the cushions & a renewed cleaning of the eye glasses before reading your thesis on onjectivisation. Well done on naming so many great athletes & their achievings. To be honest I don’t think I’d recognise Mr Protein either but then again I wouldn’t recognise you in a mask. My eyes did have the heaviness by the time I’d finished. I have taken scant notice of what the young lady says as I do of many of the commentators. Much better for the pressure of the blood. Good news though…Andy of the Multiple Murrays is through to the second round and I know you were doing the cheering for him. Awaiting with the bated breath your next missive I remain your devoted Andy fan. XX

  2. No point in asking about the conspiritorials then. Please reveal all when you are in the knowing. Could you please send staff to minister to my needing when Andy of the Multiple Murrays is playing. Minimum wage paid and snacking available. You know who. X

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