Hello fans, good evenings,

We have arrived in Halle and everything is wonderful. It is nice to see the grass again, “the green green grass of home” as Thomas Jones used to say. Look him up as one of the best people in the history.

It is quite fitting that the French Opens ended in a draw on Sunday evening. Sometimes these things happen in the sport. But let’s look forward, quickly. As I  wrote in my tweetings earlier today, I am going for a massive record here in Halle. Nobody in the history has as many victories here, not even Bjorn Borg. He was such a great champion and especially so that he also had a massively successful pop career group before growing the stubbles and going into tennis. Probably you have some records, keep them. History should be compulsory in the school.

I have nothing else to say.

See you in the final! Although I need to have the little words with Mr Weber about putting the Raonic on My side of the draws. I have heard the Rafa is on the way here. He is a Silly Billy and obviously confused as he should be at the Queens.

Kisses xxx

8 thoughts on “Halle

  1. Dear His Humbleness,
    how about the cake you pals in Halle gave Rafa to celebrate his his7oric win on Monday?
    Did he offer you a piece of, being the polite boy he is? 😉

  2. Thank you pseudofed – I have saved the records and will follow your advice. Btw, do you think they would be worth more on eBay before you achieve your incredible new record?

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