Exclusive interview with Me

This is an interview with one of My favourite Journalists and was conducted specifically for My bloggings for My fans.

Journo: My thanks to Roger for taking time from His busy schedule for this interview.
Me: Yes

Journo: How would You describe Your life and career at the moment?
Me: For My life, I was born as a boy in Swizerland, went to school and became an adult. My career, I play tennis which is a game with two bats called racquets and a round ball. You hit it over the net to your opponent. Hopefully they don’t hit it back.

Journo: How does it make You feel when people describe you as the Greatest player Of All Time, sometimes referred to as GOAT?
Me: Yes

Journo: What do You say to critics that suggest this term should not be used as you can’t compare eras?
Me: “Shut up”

Journo: But can you really and fairly compare tennis through its history?
Me: You can compare obviously. In the beginning they used to use racquets made from trees, I’m not sure where the strings came from. But now they are made of more modern things. This is a comparison. If you couldn’t compare things the word would not be in the existence. I have seen it in the dictionaries.

Journo: What do You think of the Women’s game at the moment?
Me: I think it’s very competitives and I especially like the fashion aspect. The colours are such fun in the Summer times.

Journo: What was Your favourite time in tennis history?
Me: About 9:30 in the evening when I settle down and make the relaxings after being on court.

Journo: Sorry, I mean, what did You think of John ‘the Mac’ McEnroe for example?
Me: Oh I see yes. Well I think it’s great, especially for the kids. Sometimes we take them there as a special treat. They have a play area and you get toys in the Happy Meals. I like the Fillet-O-Fishes. You have to be careful of the amount of sugar in milking shakes but I think they are improving this.

Journo: You travel so much. Other than Switzerland, what is Your favourite country?
Me: Italia.

Journo: Why is that?
Me: I like the tapas and the gondolas.

Journo: The gondolas are in Venice, I don’t believe there’s a tournament there.
Me: I’m not sure, I will check and get back to you.

Journo: What do you think of Spain?
Me: I’ve never been.

Journo: You won in Madrid this year, on the blue clay.
Me: I love it there.

Journo: You’ve had such great success on grass. What do You like so much about Wimbledon? It must be such a special place for You.
Me: Yes it really is. I love everything about it. The traditions, the white, the strawberries and the ice creams. The people there make it so special for Me. Sue Parker is probably My biggest fan, she is lovely. John Floyd too although I feel a little uncomfortable at some of the old photos of him in his undergarments. Tim Tenman is fun. Andrew that lives in a Castle talks a lot as though he is on the QVC but also says nice things.

Journo: What about the great Boris? 
Me: I think he’s incredible. It’s amazing to Me that he moved from the tennis and into politics and now he is the Mayor of London! I think with his busy schedule being the boss of London he is training a lot less now. I like his hair.

Journo: What do You think about the comments that Virginia Wade made about Andy Murray during Roland Garros 2012?
Me: I prefer not to discuss this because I can never make the correct pronunciations of this Lady’s name. Mirky usually tells me off so we move to the next questions please.

Journo: What do You think of tall players?
Me: I don’t like them. They are too tall. I think we should have in tennis on the court itself the little height restriction barriers like in the fun fair and if you are taller than the bar height that I set and you hit it with your head you be disqualified.

Journo: You often describe clay court tennis as having “wider margins” suggesting it’s somehow easier than grass or hard court. Yet most people have the opposite opinion saying it’s probably the most difficult surface to truly master. Hence why so many great champions such as Yourself win on grass but so few consistently win on clay. Can you explain why Your opinion is the opposite to everybody else?
Me: No.

Journo: Thanks so much Roger. It’s been such a pleasure to spend this time with You.
Me: Yes.

10 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with Me

  1. Ali, you must use an upper-case “Y” when using the word “You” to refer to Pseudofed. Play close attention to the blog.

    Great post. The “Journo” should be praised for asking such tough questions, but you should be praised more for handling the pressure and answering them like a true GOAT.

  2. PseudoFed, once again, I applaud your ability to compliment others on their achievements; it really is so very “humbling” of you, especially considering your “selfishness”… You’re like a male version Mother Teresa in all that you give to others…

  3. Thank you all for the response things. You keep Me humble.

    @WTA Today, thank you for correcting Ali Duck person and for the kind commenting. I will get staff to pass your praise to the Journo accordingly.

    @Juana – Yes

    @Woods – #secrets

    • Who’s Woods?? Do you have trouble typing on Your Fedberry? Or does one of Your staff do it for you?

  4. I am laughing out loud with the funnies You make. I am also glad that You are getting the brandy after the night eatings now that you are not playing night games. I know You said how hard it was in Rome to tuck in the tykes when there are all the matches to be played after the second sun has left You all alone in the firmament. Danke in advance for having Your minions to have made answers of the mails.

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