My Two Twitter Accounts

Hello everybody fans, or, as we’re approaching Roland Garros we should say, Allo Allo! I will write this only once.

Today you have been informed that I have opened another tweetings account @rogerfederer. This was largely an exercise for the PR (Relations of the Public). I don’t know why the surprise. I can have more than one account if I want. I may open another account tomorrow then I’ll have three. It’s the perfect time to get one of these accounts as I understand Twitter is becoming quite fashionable but more importantly it’s a great opportunity to connect with My fans at the beginning of My career.

Having two twitter accounts is like the Queen of the United Kingdoms that has two Birthdays. For one of them she watches strange men on horses whilst she does the smiling, for her other Birthday she has the party times and I imagine is being served MOAT Champagne (no other sparkling drinks are available).roger_Federer_suit

This second account will be used for official “brand” announcements. It will sometimes be run by staff. Occasionally I may attach a photograph of where I am to allow you to see places that you’ll never be able to visit for yourself. If I’m allowed, I’ll make the sponsorship tweetings about things that you’ll never be able to afford. Paul Anaconda may sometimes use it too, you’ll see by My results so far this year that he hasn’t been very busy lately.

My usual account will be the real Me. No holding of the bars and the real nitty of the gritties. I will guarantee that I will always continue to make the courtside tweetings from My usual personal account. If a staff member makes a tweet from the “offical” account that I do not like I will fire them online! #exciting

So please do follow My other account. It won’t be cutting the edges like My original account, but I’m sure it’ll give you the fun times, sometimes.

PF xxx

8 thoughts on “My Two Twitter Accounts

  1. You’ll remain as my favorite even if you already have 70 Twitter accounts. Also, I’m sure you’d stay #humble.:)

  2. Seems like your two accounts are ready to go. Good luck with the dual tweetings. May staff not press the wrong button on which account to send the right messagings from.

  3. He’s on, he’s off. Now he’s on again. Even posted a picture of himself .
    Are You sure (sorry to ask, but it is because of my sincere concernings and You can never be entirely sure what staff is up to, unfortunately) this is Your second account, because he looks scarily like the guy You once wrote about

    Kind regardings,

  4. You are always and forever the only Federer I will listen to! You are humble, that other account seems so self absorbed. Ugh, PR people, am I right? Annoying!

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