Who is he?

Hello My fans!

I am fine. You’re welcome.

I need to share some important informations.

About two weeks agoat, My staff and I came to the Big Apples to do the relaxing times and go to the shopping. I bought one of those Space Pens here last year. Apparently they are supposed to write on anything but when I went to autograph one of My watches for Myself I discovered to My horror that it doesn’t write on gold. I kept the receipt so came here for the refunds.

I chose not to enter in the US Open this time because I achieved My goals for the year. Namely:

– Become the number one seedling
– Win Platinum at the Olympics (tennis)
– Learn to cook Cannelloni con Ricotta e Spinaci
– Fly a kite

However, to My dismay I discovered someone doing the impersonatings entered in the US Open tennis pretending to be Me! When I first heard about it I said, “Oh really, is he funny?”.

My true fans will know it isn’t Me. For a beginning, everybody knows I only play against players ranked lower than four thousand, two hundred and ninety eight until at least the semi-finals. Secondly the imposter has been wearing different color socks to My last tournament. Lastly he made the struttings around the court in a manner that was not humble.

One of My staff took an electronic photograph and caught the imposter with red hands. Guilty! Look for yourselves.

What will he do next? Open a twitter account and start making the tweetings? It isn’t that I mind, after all, as they say, imitation is the best form of flattening.

Anyway, let’s look forward to Saint David’s Cup. There is no tennis on before then.

Love as always,
PF xxx

16 thoughts on “Who is he?

  1. Looks like Djokovic to me. He’s very good at the impersonations. You don’t sound especially concerned, so I won’t worry. 😀

  2. Wasn’t this the same fellow who has been impersonating you for so many years now?

    US2003, RG2004, AO2005, RG2005, RG2007, AO2008, RG2008, W2008, AO2009, US2009, RG2010, W2010, US2010, AO2011, RG2011, W2011, US2011, AO2012 & RG2012.

    Damn… You seriously need to take JMac’s advise and get him arrested, GOAT! Imagine so many titles that you’ve lost – not to your opponent – but to your impersonator!

    Can I, #prettyplease, get him booked?

  3. Outrageous that someone could do this..must admit though..he did it well. He did it your way!! He repeated the losings so he was consistent. Credits must be awarded for that. My advice is to cease the fretlings and just go fly your kite up in the atmosphere, up where the air is rare and do remember the drizzling of the olive oil when cooking. I advise the cookery as your new career as the present one seems to have gone for a Tim Burton. Best wishes from an Andy fan. ps Hope the twins are reading…never too early to start.

  4. To my ever so clever GOAT-boss-detective,

    thank You so much for clearing this up; I watched the whole match wondering where this shabby outfit came from, since i was so sure i had packed only crisp whites in Your bag. Now i realise it was not You!

    Be sure to learn how to cook “poffertjes” when in the Netherlands for Saint David’s Cup next week. Or maybe “boerenkool met worst” (go to HEMA for the “worst” part). Since You have already achieved Your goals for the year, You might have a bit of extra time for small new goals. Twiddling Your staff’s thumbs might proove boring after a while. And even though i am honoured lending You mine for a bit, i sometimes really need them myself.

    Kind regardings,

    PS: Please inform me well ahead whether or not i have to apply for a “wietpass”. Grass distribution is heavily regulated these days as i am informed.

  5. my dear #goat ur d best!!i hope u hv complaind to the police bout ds impersonator.if ur staff go astray n start supporting him!!!:'(

  6. I would like to take this opportunity to wish well to Supergran, who is currently on a trip over the moon.
    I am sure our revered GAOT-boss will be persuaded to allow her a little party time.

    As for me: Sorry my GOAT-boss, but i do hereby call in sick today….

    Kind regardings,

  7. Oh my GOAT, (sorry slip of the tongue) GOD perhaps you need a little Help from your friends to catch the Impersonator, personally I think it is A DAY DREAM BELIEVER that plays tennis on a Lazy SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Perhaps you should bring in the law, I SHOT THE SHERIFF but maybe the deputy can HELP you. Glad to see you are practicing the cooking as this will come in helpfull to you in the future. Hope this helps. I am off to pick some EDELWEISS oops cancel that I am off to pick some FLOWERs OF SCOTLAND. I’ve also got a date with a handsome young Scottish lad, funny that he plays tennis too, He arrived back YESTERDAY from the USA says he has brought me back a souvenir, a wee cup bless him, I’ll put it in my china cabinet with the rest. Must go as I have to send A LETTER TO AMERICA to thank them for having him.

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