To My staff in Manhattan

Dear Staff team in Manhattan in one of My stores,

I was just passing and noticed this. You did a great job on the window dressing. Next time you decide to use a picture of Me I’d be very grateful if you could include My legs, feet and toes, rather than put them in the ground.

You’re fired.

You may continue to have the usual staff 1.2% discount in store until the end of the week. Also could you clean the graffiti off the wall on your way out.

PF xxx

4 thoughts on “To My staff in Manhattan

  1. Dearest GOAT,

    any instructions for the window dressing in The Netherlands? I know i said i was taking a days’ sick leave, but Your coming needs to be thoroughly prepared, as Your blog makes painstakingly clear.

    Kind regardings,

    PS: Have You heard form Supergran yet? I am worried she might not make it back from her trip over the moon.

  2. Shoddy service there, and being such an elegant man of taste,you need to keep on top of these shirkers. After all you’ve had a few extra days to supervise these things. I went to Borg’s store in Monaco years ago and the awning had blown down. It looked shabby. Such a description could never be applied to the GOAT.

  3. To my on top of the world GOAT boss,

    I am truly shocked at how the Dutch are treating you at the moment. First I saw this banner in the stands stating “Sorry Roger, but we love Holland now”. Then I read news reports suggesting that the unfortunate outgoings of yesterday’s doubles match had more to do with you and not so much with Stanford.

    Is it too late for you to cancel the Rotterdam tournament in 2013?

    Kind regardings,

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