Why I don’t like playing the Murrays. QF Preview.


I am fine thank you.

Sadly in the Grand Slam events, one can’t be promoted straight to the final and it is that time again. Many people have asked Me how I see My next match going so here is a special preview of the Quarter-Final:

Set 1
I will start out with the very serious faces. I will play very aggressive and for the first few games will run into the net very quickly. For those unfamiliar with the technical aspect of the tennis, this is called “chip and pin”. I hope this style of play will unsettle Andrew and make him do the shoutings. However, I know that every time I look at him I will be reminded of  that Olympic Gold medal that was cruelly snatched from Me. This will make Me lose the first set, not on a tie-break, but on a memory.

Set 2
During the break, Andrew will walk into the bathroom, I assume for the little tinklings. However, when he is due to come out and fedpointplay, his brother Jamie will appear arguing that he is a Murray and this qualifies him to play the second set. In addition and to My surprise, he will play with a doubles partner. Two against one? I will make the big complaints to Mr. Umpire reminding him of who I am. I doubt this will make him change his mind, not many things go in My favor nowadays. I will likely lose this set 7-6 on a close tie-break.

Set 3
Feeling thoroughly upset with Myself I will look to My box for the inspirations and will see their surprised faces as they notice Judy of the Murrays walking on court holding a racquet and pushing a cake trolley. She will give Mr. Umpire a generous slice of Victoria Sponge and he will let her play the third set. I imagine that she will probably leave the trolley on the sidelines, so during the match, my eyes will wander to her Pavlovas. At this point she will shout, “Hey, eyes over here, GOAT!” This will be a quick set and I will choose to lose, 6-1.

Game, Set and Match.

PF xx

15 thoughts on “Why I don’t like playing the Murrays. QF Preview.

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  3. Sounds like the GOAT’s match prediction not quite right so far (2-0 and 2-2 as I write) – thankfully. Keep it up – my bookmaker deserves this – doubling up at 4/5 after Aggi at 4/1 ! . Keith (#humble . . . “table-tennis” fan).

  4. You do not know anybody called PseudoBoris do you? I suspect he would be as enjoyable to read as yourself. Hint! hint!

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