Important: Revised Schedule, First Half of 2015

Hello Everybody Fans!

Since adding Istanbul to My schedule, I hereby announce the complete itinerary from now until the Summer.

23 Feb: Dubai
12 March: Indian Wells
28 March: Quick Shopping trip to New York on the way back, the Big Apples
12 April: Monte Carlo
13 April: Depart Nice Côte d’Azur Airport – Destination Euro Disney to see Michael Mouse
27 April: Istanbul
2 May: Check color of clay in Madrid.
3 May: Madrid
8 May: Get staff to wash filthy clay from kit.
9 May: Have evening meal with Fognini ahead of Rome to pick up more humble Italian phrases.
10 May: Rome
23 May: Fly to Paris and have lunch with Mona Lisa before French Open.
24 May: Roland Garros
7 June: Watch Nadal win French Open.
15 June: Attend Halle, the Gerry Springer Open
29 June: Wimbledon – Home Sweet Homes.

Missing from this schedule is a very special event to occur this year. Make sure you subscribe, follow Me on the Twitter technologies, and Facebooks to be sure not to miss it.

Much love,
PF xx

12 thoughts on “Important: Revised Schedule, First Half of 2015

  1. I’m from Rome, can I be invited for the meal with Fognini? I would help you with your italian, which is almost perfect already!
    Grazie mille umile maestro!

  2. Mr. PseudoFed, New York missed your presence very much during Fashion Week, so I am glad to see you will be stopping by to do the shoppings. If you need anyone to help carry your packages, please let me know. (But I am small so can carry only two Rolexes at a time.)

  3. You are the very busy boy. You are making your 100 followers very curious about special upcoming. I, being a loyal Andy fan can contain the curiosities but I bet you let me know. Best wishes, your devoted Andy fan.

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