Top Ten Signs You’re a GOAT

1. You prefer the taste of Wimbledon grass to any other type of green but you just don’t know why.

2. When people annoy you, you have an overwhelming urge to charge and head butt them.

3. Every time you meet a new fan, you wonder what their t-shirt tastes like.

4. You notice everybody is walking using their back legs.

5. When you win a trophy, you’re more interested about what’s inside it compared to the trophy itself.


fed-trophy-watch - Copy

6. During a press conference, the only thing you can think about is why the journalists’ eyes are so close together.

7. It doesn’t really bother you when people keep touching your ears.

8. You’re as comfortable walking along the edge of the roof of a high stadium as you are strolling in the park.

9. You wonder why nobody else seems excited about jumping over the net on court.

10. I used to be a kid.

Much love,
PF xx

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Signs You’re a GOAT

  1. GOATs also multiply well.

    They are so self-centered that are completely uncapable of bleating about anybody but their precious selves.

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