What we have learned from Roland Garros 2014

Here a few notes I asked staff to make on My behalf in the past deux semaines in no order of the particulars:

– Rafa seems to enjoy playing on this surface, who knew?

– Ernests Gulbis will not be hiring a female coach any time soon.

– The French Crowd seem to still enjoy the tournament without little Me 😦becker - Copy

– Boris Becker’s sunglasses just keep getting bigger.

– Whoever manufactures the Trilby hats for Mr. Garros must be almost as rich as Me, almost.

– Fabric Softner, also known as The Magician, gives pleasant on court interviews.

– It was very cold except for when it got hot, then it was not cold.

– I don’t like clay. Never have, never will, no matter what I say during the interview times.

– I am still the GOAT.

See Me on the grass!

Much love,
PF xx

5 thoughts on “What we have learned from Roland Garros 2014

  1. You speak so little sense it just makes the sense. I sense you do not like clay and neither do I. It makes for the difficulties in the washing and sticks to the shoes. In Halle what will you do if it does the sprinkle on your head? I know you don’t like the heat nor the cold so can you ask Herr Weber to control the weather to suit you. As you head into the twilighting I hope to see you at the beginnings of Halle and Wimbledon. I have the recommendations of a very good agent of the travel for your June holiday. Regardings from your devoted Andy fan.

  2. Oh, GOAT, I sense that you are slowly “climbing down” from your perch a little with this latest blog. Just my hunch.

    Its true though that no woman would touch Ernests Gulbis with a 10′ barge pole after what you “let him” do last week.

    As your family is getting cuter and cuter, more and more women are going to want to marry you… just be mentally very strong in not succumbing to any temptations. I really want you on that Mt. Everest of Superstardom *forever*… never to fall from Grace… most Heroes seem to skid at some point in their stellar careers (like your fan Tiger Woods or that Mike Tyson or Zinedine Zidane).

    Stay way over there… however cold and lonely it gets there!

    I never want to see your name tarnished.

    No, just tell those AELTC people to start getting ready to chisel your name on your trophy with 2014 on it.

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