Wimbledon Week 1 so far

Hello My fans!

I am fine.

As I sit here waiting to go on Centre Court I thought it would be nice for you to hear from Me. My week has gone very well so far. I have played once.

What an interesting week we have had in the sport. We have the new kid on the blocks, Nick Kyrgios who just beat Richard Gasquet in what seems to be a pleasant career ahead of him. tombottoms - CopyShaquilly O’Neal was in the Royal Box on Monday and was so tall they had to hyper extend the roof open every time he stood up.

Off the court Tomas Berdych showed us all his bottoms for the photo shoots. It was quite a pose and one which I tried to emulate in front of the mirror at homes. I didn’t achieve quite the same effect but to be fair as I was trying to perfect the position a staff member walked in and I had to quickly grab a Wimbledon towel to cover My achievements.

Outside of tennis Luis Suarez hit the headlines for using his teeth ahead of his feet. Suffice to say, do not repeat this kids.

Rafaello has just beaten Lukas Rosol and there is one more match before I make everybody smile with My presence so I had better go and make the preparations.

As always, thank you for all the support, the pleasure is all yours.
Much love,
PF xx
P.S. Happy Birthday to Mrs McEnroe for today from Me and staff.

2 thoughts on “Wimbledon Week 1 so far

  1. I think it absolutely imperative that you continue to keep your achievements hidden PF. Nobody likes a show off. *cough*

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