My Legacy


I am very well thank you.

During these last 2 or 3 weeks some things have been brought to My attention from, not all journalists, but by one or two special ones. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank them personally via this article. You’re welcome.

These couple of good friend journalists say that My legacy will be effected if I don’t retire soon. You see I had no ideas that I had to make the retirements already. I thought that I could continue playing tennis until I wanted to and people still wanted to see Me play. But this is not the cases. Now I have dropped to the number 5 seedlings apparently this is not acceptable and is the retirement number. My good friend Tomas Wham Berdych is number 6, I suppose he should have already retired? And Juan Won One Martin Del Potro is number 7  I suppose he should be in the retirement homes according to our journo friends? If we shouldn’t be playing, what does this mean for those outside the top 50? Staff shudder to think.

To make the confirmations, My legacy is all that I have achieved, Grand Slams, Masters titles to name but the few. I thought they would remain Mine forever, like ever, as Taylor Swift says. But now it seems this is not the case. The only conclusions that remain, given My journo friends’ advice that My legacy will be adversely effected, is that My achievements are deducted? John McEnroe said recently that he thinks Andrew of the Murrays may win at least 6 slams. So are these 6 taken from My 17? He cannot be serious.
ATP World Tour Finals - Day Eight

Therefore, I am forever indebted to these few journalists who were brave enough to do the speakings out. Staff have moved Me back to see the bigger pictures and I see now these journo friends are always trying to offer their expert advice. They are asking Andrew of the Murrays about his marriage to Kim Spears. And there was Me and Mirky making that decision ourselves and got married in 2009. I wonder if we did the right thing?

Come to think of it, last week we had some carpet fitted in one of My homes. I am beginning to doubt Myself. What if My journo friends say this wasn’t a good idea? Will this effect My legacy too? What about in the mornings at breakfast time? Normally I get Chef to put jam on My toast, should I be having marmalade?

Not all journos are brave enough to offer their expert Life Coaching advice so we should treasure the ones that do.

Much love,
PF xxx

15 thoughts on “My Legacy

  1. Thank You, Maestro, for making the intelligent respondings. I may not be Your biggest fan (I number among Rafaello Nadal’s followers), but I bridle at the suggestion that somehow Your career and “legacy” are imperilled by continued play at a “lower” or “reduced” level. I tip my hat to You for refusing to retire until You feel like it. Obviously some journos need to retire themselves, out of sheer incompetence or foolishness.

    No one can ever take away Your achievements. Vivat Roger!

      • Thank you for the recommendation, but my heart — and thus my work time — belongs to Rafaello The Nadal. I am mindful that he will one day be in the same place Roger is in now. All fans of every player should realize this and be more understanding.

  2. Rog. Long may you wave your magic wand! No one but no one can play the game of tennis as beautiful as you!!! Andre Agassi won a grand slam at your age and your talent far exceeds his. Altho he was cool!!! Make those journs eat their words,,,,!!!!! Your biggest fan and true believer. Y.

  3. Hi PseudoGoat! The splashings of Sarcasm aimed at the “journos” was spot on. I believe that peRFection comes at the cost of doing the minglings with these low lives,who, sadly believe that slamming on keys & winning grand slams are the same thing. For all I know, Roger ( & you on your blog & twitter) is doing everybody a favour, by carrying on playing;he has nothing to prove, he has nothing to lose,& lets see Andrews of the Murrays, or 1D ( One Dimensional Novak) even try and play into their 30s.& as was evident in the finals of Wimble-thankfully-done, Novak is not even the dominant self he was back in 2011. Since then he’s only been truly successful at the AO. I was pretty impressed with Andy’s performance, but I don’t see the hunger I see in Rafa, and to an extent in RF.
    The legacy is not going anywhere.Glad that you see the bigger picture 🙂

  4. Mr. GOAT – If you wanted to see the ‘bigger picture’ earlier, why did you not ask Mr Wimbledon if you could loan his big telly leaning up the outside Court 1 facing humble hill, and then ask the staff to install it at one of your homes?

    All would have become clearer with a bigger picture – although the final was a pretty poor effort, as you were not playing on Centre Court (or ‘Court Roger Federer’ as is should have been renamed long before now)

    It has been a pleasure to post this on your blog.
    #post comment

  5. Hiya GOAT
    Was shocked that you allowed Sergey to beat you after you had won only your first match at Mr Wimbledon’s tournament !!! It seems like the older you get – the KINDER you get !!!

    Are you going to be full of kindness at the US Open in front of the New Yorkerlings ?

    Well done for your titles won this year at- oops sorry

    I mean well done for your TITLE won this year at Halle 🙂

  6. I just saw this — Tomas Wham Berdych??? Lmao you’re killing me 🙂 i think You need to talk to Andrew Roddick for a second opinion on journos.

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