Caption Competition Times!

Hello Fans!

Following the typhoon this evening in Shanghai that made Me lose the match I thought it would be a good time to celebrate My 300th week at being the GOAT.

Let’s have some fun times and write a caption of what Andrew of the Murrays and Me were saying here. One of My staff wanted to leave a comment saying Andrew was asking, “Where exactly do you see the rain?” … he got fired.

Please leave a comment with your captions. There will be no winner, because I am already the number one seedling. It will be your pleasure to leave a comment and that shall be your prize. You’re welcome.

31 thoughts on “Caption Competition Times!

  1. excuse-me, now speak in french : aujourd’hui, Roger Federer, a très bien joué comme d’habitude – je lui dis de nouveau qu’il est le meilleur et le prochain, il le gagnera – c’est lui le meilleur Tennisman -Bernadette (FRANCE:21H.54) BONNE SOIREE TOUS!

  2. Aristotelian Roger: Give it up, Murray, truth resides in the world all around us, and I’m telling you, the reality is, the weather is too foul for us to continue playing.

    Platonic Murray: And Ah’m telling yoo, ye daft goat, that this seemin’ world is only a pale shadow o’ the Realm o’ th’ Ideal. And Archetypal Ideal Tennis is demandin’ we play RAHT NOW. Or ye’ll be feelin’ the wrath o’ mah guid strong racquet, Ol Claidheamh Mòr, in mah strong raht hand, ye weel. So hop to it, laddie, afore Ah serve ye sum eviction papers, ach!

  3. Andy: “Roger, I hate to tell you this, but HE claims to be God.”

    Roger: “Yeah, well, what does he know? He also says the world was created in 6 days.”

  4. ANDY –

    I come from a land
    Of poets so grand
    Of warrior princes
    With blue painted faces
    So hurry your arse
    And quit with this farce
    Cos one more look to the sky
    Sees this right in your eye …

  5. AM: I tell you, I will only need one MP to win that final tomorrow, only one!
    RF: *thinking* Dear Lord, please let me beat this guy, what can I do? A ‘tweener and a dropshot maybe? This Scottish fool could not even beat the Joker if he had five MP’s!

    By the way: Glad You’re back. Missed You so much, i had to rewrite this message because i actually forgot the capital Y in You.
    Still humbly referring to myself as i without that capital though.

    Kind regardings,

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