21 Today

Good morning from a wet Wimbledon morning, this morning,

I’ve just come off the phone from John Kettley who has advised that there is very little chance of rain during My match today and it will be partly cloudy.

Well hello mon fans, here we are again and as the saying goes, another day, another million dollars.

Are you making the excited faces for today’s final? I am. The body is still a little tired from playing Rafaello on Friday but hoping the adrenaline and Knickerbocker Glory will kick in soon.

Roger Federer holding a Knickerbocker Glory

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I started playing the tennis. Some of you younger ones will have big eyes if I tell you that when I started, there was no internet technology. That’s right, no instagrams, no YouTubes, no Facebooks, not even the Twitter! The world was once a place where people kept what they had to breakfast and their opinions to themselves. Bizarre no?

Social media icons

I will make the admission faces when staff told Me I was playing Mr. Novak in the final. I didn’t even know he was in the tournament! My friendly commentator friends have not mentioned him and I now see he’s spent most of the last 2 weeks on Court 1. Hopefully next year he’ll have a higher seedling so will get a little more recognition.

My prediction for today? Lewis Hamilton’s will do the winnings in Silverstone and Sebastian Vettel will get angry at something or someone.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch your bases before heading out. Must dash, I have date night tonight with Simona Halep at the Ball.

Love as always,
PF xx

6 thoughts on “21 Today

  1. Never mind, Goat, at least You had all Your Royal fans there. I heard You are the only one allowed to give Kate a kiss.

    Someone says Novak always eats some Centre Court grass when he wins to show that he is a GOAT. This cannot be true, surely?? Who is he trying to kid!!

  2. Hello GOAT,

    So You chose not to do the turning of the 21 after all. Staff, fans and everybody are making the sad faces.

    Tiny little Simona was doing the big smiles with her big plate, but inside she was crying at not having the chance to make the dance moves with You.

    But if You had taken the sneaky peeky upwards on Sunday, You would have seen somebody hitting every ball with You. Not literally of course, Mr Wimbledon has rules against that, even for the GOAT. No, Your devoted Mirky was doing the shots inside her head, if that is not making the confusion.

    And staff have instructed me to remind You that whatever will happen with Mr U.S. Open and his little tournament in the Large Apples, You will still start 2020 as the 20 slam GOAT!

    • Hello Big Ben,

      I like the way you make the writing faces, it gives Me the remindisations of someone, can’t think who but it’s on the tip of My staff. I’m sure it’ll come to Me.

      To make the honest faces, I’m still a little down in the expensive dumps. And yet, reading your warming message made the edge of My mouth raise up, slightly. Perhaps it was meant to be? 2020 and I am Mr. 20?

      For now, I thank you from the bottom of My staff.

      Much love,
      PF xx

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