Movie Review – Resufracing

Bonjour Mon Fans!

I know you are so excited to hear from me again. I have been busy with the tennis in the Australia, fashion, and deciding the expression on my faces for when the new coin comes out celebrating Me.

To My surprise, Andrew of the Multiple Murrays has gotten another career as well as playing the tennis. He has now gone into making the movies, quite an unusual move for a tennis player.

Perhaps even more unique is that it’s a movie about him. The actor he chose to play him was a remarkable looks-a-lot-like to Andrew himself. Several times I had to ask staff to pinch Me as I thought it was him.

Movie Banner
Title by Rafael Nadal

The movie was filmed all over the world although I think it’s fair to say it was quite a low budget production. The costumes were quite ordinary and to save money, Andrew sometimes wore very few garments, almost doing the revealings.

On occasions Andrew was, apparently, in Australia or the America but really, hotel rooms and stadiums (I’m not going to say ‘stadia’) all look the same to Me so I am unable to confirm they took place on location.

The story itself was quite interesting; it depicted a part of Andrew’s career as a tennis player. In fact, it’s fair to say it was like a documentary, how you say, a ‘staff on the wall’ type of format.

There was a lady Doctor in the story who appeared nice at first but then she took Andrew into a room, put him to sleep and did things to his leg that made Friday the 13th seem like a Disney movie.

There were a few sad moments where it made Me shed the little tear in one of My eyes. At other times the story was simply too far-fetched. For example, once or twice he appeared to be eating breakfast alone. Well, who would have put the cereal in the bowl and poured the milk?

Should you subscribe to the Amazon Prime or purchase this movie? Is it worth a watch?

I think so yes, after all, if you subscribe you get free next-day delivery on things like scented candles and perhaps a lovely chiffon scarf. I’d give it 4 stars out of 5 simply on the basis of Andrew showing footage of the 2012 Olympics which was inappropriate, not related to the story at all and I know he only did it to take the little swipe at Me.

Much love,
PF xxx

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review – Resufracing

  1. Hurrah, you’re back! Thought you’d forgotten your fans.

    Not sure about tennis players becoming movie stars. Not all of them are handsome, like the Spanish one, or have Anna Wintour as style advisor, like you. I hope you have decided on the faces for your coin. What an honour for Switzerland!

    • Cynthia fan! Always a pleasure for you. I have been approached about such a documentary but I like the reclusions and prefer the life of privatizations. Plus I’m not sure how I’d feel if the camera wasn’t always on Me x

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