GOAT Update

Bonjour Mon fans,

I am well.

I am in South Africa preparing for the match with Rafaello (married). For those that don’t know the geography, South Africa in the southern part of Africa.

Having received hundreds of emails asking Me to be careful of the Coronationvirus as I travel a lot. Please do not worry, first of all I have My own very comfortable jet (sorry Greta) and secondly I only surround Myself with staff and occasionally, Stanford (technically staff too). He is lovely but I don’t mix with him too much as I don’t want to encourage him.

Speaking of flying, I noticed Judy of the Multiple Murrays on a flight recently. It appears the plane she is on has many seats and may even contain members of the public? I found this quite offensive.

Roland recently released pictures of the new roof in Paris (Paris is in France, not South Africa). It’s about 15 years late but OK, we can’t all be peRFect, present company not included.

I received a report from French staff members onsite and they advised that the roof makes the squeaky sounds when opening and closing. This is unacceptable and full of the inappropriations. Before I ask you to tear it down and start again, may I suggest using this, Roland? You’re welcome. Failure to do so will result in Me wearing a yellow vest on court if I attend this year (undecided).

For now, please tune in tomorrow to watch Me and Rafaello have the fun times!

Much love and understanding,
PF xxx

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4 thoughts on “GOAT Update

  1. Very kind of You to keep us, YouR Fans informed of world geography and the situation regarding Coronationchickenvirus.

    Personally, I think Your staff should request that lindt d’or is applied to the roof mechanism to remove the disturbances.

    Bon chance GOAT.

  2. Hello there or should I say Bonjour? Of course in the South Africa French isn’t spoken but it has better wines, or so they say. I’m sure that in your salad days you travelled with the public. It would become you to remember humbling beginnings since you do the boasting of the humility incessantly. About the Roof Francais I wouldn’t do the worryings as you won’t experience it pour longemps. Methinks you have une obsession pour Judy of the Muliple Murrays. It is always a pleasure for you to remember your dwindling number of fan people. Perhaps you will meet the three of them in the South Africa. Regards from your devoted Andy fan and cheerleader of the multiple Murrays. Go Rafaello!

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