FEDAL – A Preview

Hallo zusammen,

GOAT here.

As I sit in My quiet room, small staff member in the corner should I need anything, I share My thoughts with you. Looking out through the window, in a comfy chair, legs tucked underneath the bottoms, I make the contemplations faces about tomorrow.

I know you’re all excited, nervous, apprehensionate even. You may be encouraged to go onto the social media and start arguing with complete strangers about some obscure statistic, because this is why the internet technology was invented. Well, that and cat videos.

Photo of Federer
Having A Little Co-ordination Problems, But This is Allowed During The Practise

However, let’s turn the leaves together. Let us love each other and enjoy watching Me and Rafaello play the tennis. Will he end up with more Slams than Me? Sure why not, this is the competitive sport.

Why hate the person next to you because they don’t support Me? Is this unimaginable and slightly offensive? Of course, but let them be wrong. Hug each other and try and help each other in your little lives. You have work on Monday, I don’t.

It is 11 years since that final and who knows when we will meet again? It may be in another 11 years, unless Rafaello retires, I won’t, just saying

Take the deep breath, reach out to someone you’d rather avoid and offer them an oak branch, a foot of friendship, your last square of the chocolate bar.

The court is a lot slower this year so…

PF xx

9 thoughts on “FEDAL – A Preview

  1. Thank you for sharing your musings. It is a very exciting time for we tennis fans. Andrew of the Murrays is back which makes everyone, especially me breathless with the anticipations. But back to tomorrow…Most of my friends are supporting Rafaello for some reason. Well, I know the reason and you do too. I’ve heard that they’d like him to blast you off the court but that would be impossible as blasting is not allowed by Mr Wimbledon. I shall sit watching and praying to St Rafael Arnaiz Baron and may do the opening of the wine. Do not do the sulkings and the fiddling of the hair and please try not to pull the faces at the net if you are still standing. Always your devoted Sir Andy fan.

    • Hello SuperOne,
      I never do anything untoward if I start doing the losings. Certainly not, I hope you’re not suggesting I make the stroppy faces and start the argumentations with Mr. Unpire?
      Much love and huggletons,
      PF xx

  2. Well, in all honestations you do pull that face when doing the losings and it’s not pretty but then…..😂🤣 you’re not! See you tomorrow but you won’t see me. 🙄 Your devoted Andy fan. X

  3. Your highness, did you experienced any hiccups possibly today? Empire in Rome must have had fine recollections of this match: twitter.com/Makaveli2B/status/1307335508176048129

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