Stanford’s Wimbledon Schedule for Second Week (2014)

Happy Sunday everybody fans!

The weather here in Wimbledon today has been the little wet so I thought I’d take a moment to relay some informations about My trying to help Stanford’s schedule. As much as I have the little jokes with him, the truth is he is the great friend and top person.

I was a little upset for him given what happened with the weather yesterday. Mr. Wimbledon told everybody that Stanford would potentially have to play Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s bad enough that I have to potentially play on two consecutive days. By the way Mr. Wimbledon, I hope the reason why you haven’t put Rafaello on Court 1 yet is for moments such as this? If the weather looks less than peRFect, throw him on last, Court 1 on Tuesday please.

Anyway, I took it upon Myself to discuss Stanford’s predicament to try and improve the situation for My fellow countryman. Mr. Wimbledon listened and then gave Me a new sheet. He was a little off with Me if the truth was told. It just goes to show how things change.

Anyway, here is Stanford’s new schedule according to Mr. Wimbledon:

Monday: Day off, no practise allowed.
Tuesday: Third round match, first set only, on Court 16, weather permitting.
Wednesday: Free ticket to watch Me play My Quarter-Final match on Centre Court. Food and drinks not included.
Thursday: Finish off third-round match on Court 3 after all other matches have been played.
Friday morning, 7am: Fourth round match on Court 1, must be finished by 9am or disqualified.
Friday afternoon: Paid ticket to watch Me play semi-final, first set only. Then will be escorted off the grounds.
Saturday morning: Quarter final, Centre Court, 4am, no lights. (Ask Berdych or Cilic for tips.)
Sunday morning: Semi-final, Suzanne Lenglen, Paris, 12noon start. If victorious must be back in Wimbledon by 2pm or disqualification occurs.

I, of course, looked at this twice but apparently it’s the new tradition.

I hope I didn’t make things worse.

Much love,
PF xx

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