My letter to Andy Rodrickson @andyroddick

Hello Andy Rod and fans,

I wish to continue the theme of my bloggings to never make this about Me.

A few days ago one of the biggest characters of the sport made the announcements that he has reached the age of retirement. Quite surprising as he doesn’t look that old to Me but to the GOAT, everybody looks young.

I first heard about it from a member of staff who gently wrapped on My door whilst I was watching videos of Myself admiring the techniques. He said, “May I interrupt you, GOAT”? I replied, “Only for a moment, enter. I had no idea My stats were that good.”

When he told Me about Andy I made the shocked faces. It was one of those moments you never forgot in your life; where you were, which staff member you were with, which Rolex from the collection you were wearing. At first I was angry that Mr. Rodrickson hadn’t made the permissions with Me about this announcement. But then I did the sentimentals.

I came into this tournament with the high expectations and motivations to make H18TORY but something has changed inside of Me.
Are my records the most important thing in the world?
Is it important that I am better in all records than Pistol Peter?
Should I continue My long standing friendship with Mr. Wimbledon?
Shall I continue to choose not to win Roland Garros?
Will I always smile and agree at being called the GOAT?

The answer to these questions is obviously a round YES. But is there more to the life than Me? Andy’s announcement has forced Me to be internalspective and look inside of Myself for deep answers about what else matters.

Recently I used the tweetings technology to inform you all that I haven’t yet decided whether to win the US Open this year. I will decide over the course of this next week, probably during a match. If, and this is an if of significant proportionings, I decide not to win, it will be a loss dedicated to Mr. Rodrickson. I will then urge everybody in the world, yes, all of My fans, to temporarily switch the support and help Andy win this tournament. Make the “R” stand for Rodrickson. He should go out with styles. Maybe I will lend him one of My cardigans? Maybe I will ask My friend Anna Winterbottom to design something for him. Hmmm, I am wearing My Thoughtful Hat making the out-loud thinkings .

You know tennis is not everything in life. Making the retirements is always an option we should all consider. Especially Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Ferrer, Tsonga, Berdych, Del Potro (too tall), Tipsarevic and Isner (too tall) et al. I may also do the considerings Myself. Well, a couple of years after these have left. We have to think of the fans too.

I know the big tennis bosses don’t like players with the strong personalities, they want quiet obedient ones, even though personalities make the sport so great. But we’ll be losing a great personality after this tournament. Goodbye Mr. Rodrickson, the sport will never be the same again. Take care and best of luck in your next adventures. You will really miss Me.

PF xxx

18 thoughts on “My letter to Andy Rodrickson @andyroddick

  1. “Are my records the most important thing in the world?
    … Shall I continue to choose not to win Roland Garros?
    Will I always smile and agree at being called the GOAT?
    … [I]s there more to the life than Me?
    … Maybe I will lend him one of My cardigans … tennis is not everything in life.”

    *sniff* O Maestro, You have turned to the philosophisticals, and it is bringing the pseudotears to my eyes. Your great possible generosity to The Rodrickson is a potent sign of Your hypothetical kindness and humility. Truly You are GOAT.

    A niggling thought occurs, though. If you do decide to let Andy R. win, he might perhaps change his mind about retiring. I hope You have a plan in place for dealing with that–especially as he might not wish to give back the cardigan.

  2. I am thinking also. I think I prefer the thoughtful pseudofed. For one thing the photo doesn’t make you look like you have the sufferings of the wind. Another point is that OLD GOAT is a term commonly used for dirty old men who chase young women. So perhaps we could do the renamings and call you THINKING CAP..CAP obviously short (as you are) for Cocky Abominable Player. Hope you are of the agreements that this is a more thoughtful title. You are very gracious about Andy Rodlicks and have the foresight to know the players you should have the wariness of. It is obvious that the cap fits and works. Remember to tell your staff the the cardigan should have the washings at a low temperature before passing it to Mr Rodlickson, Best wishes for your retirement Mr CAP. I remain as always an Andy Murray fan of which I am sure you have the knowings.

    • Hello Super Grandmother Teacher, I am trying very hard to make My English not excellent, but so I sound like the natives. Not sure which accent to go with, perhaps Yorkshire? Would this be acceptable for a GOAT? Any advice would be appreciations.

      As always I appreciate your wise words. PF xxx

  3. To my dearest GOAT boss, who is really starting to have me worry,

    what’s with the sentimentals today? A letter to Andy Rodickson? Telling press members You really hope Nadal will be able to return to tennis this year? I am really starting to wonder whether or not You’re killer mentality is starting to fade. Are You growing soft with the passing years? Has 30 finally hit You, be it a year late? Why are You starting to think about others in stead of focussing on what matters (i.e. You)??
    Please get back to Your normal self, or the likes of Djokovic’s are sure to crush You, laughing out loud. After all, when it comes to being emotional, he beats You hands down. Do not, i repeat, do not enter into his world!

    In the mean time, i will pack some extra handkerchiefs in Your bag, just in case You burst out in tears on court.

    Kind regardings,

    PS: Supergran is doing her best to push You over the edge. And in this state i am really worried she’ll succeed…..

    • Hello Heidi Staff member. Thank you for the concernings. I think with experience comes reflections. Like when one is in a bathroom suite. Perhaps you’re right though. Sometimes in the evenings I sit on one of the balconies gazing up into the stars making the contemplations. Maybe I’ve been listening to Tipsarevic too much? He does give Me food for My thoughts but I declined as I have Chef.

      I will try and stay focused.

      GOAT Boss xxx

      • To my ever humbling GOAT-boss,

        gazing at the stars is not so strange, when one is a star himself. I imagine the other stars gaze right back at You, jealous of Your brighter shining.
        Listening to Tipsarevic might proove to be confusing. I read somewhere that probably he himself doesn’t understand what he’s is trying to explain. Therefore, You choosing Chef is, obviously, the wiser choice. Maybe in choice of sunglasses or beard You might consult Tipsy though. His cleverness on the inside might be subject to discussion, his cleverness on the outside is absolute (i will not write “next to none”, because of obvious reasons).

        I will pack Your fish cuttlery today. Since You play around tea time and You do not like cucumber sandwiches, I heard Chef is thinking of a light fish platter in stead. It will be quick to digest, I think in a little over an hour.

        Kind regardings,

        PS: You response has made me reconsider the need for handkerchiefs in the bag. I will put some in though, just in case.

  4. Where can I get a Thinking Hat like yours? I am inspired by Your insightful philosophical wonderings. Not quite up to the standard of Mr. Tipsarevic though. Maybe try a Stetson. And a top hat for Mr. Wimbledon. Also, are those buttons on the cardigan real gold?

    As usual, You are quite correct – but I agree with the above comments; You are doing much too much of the sentimentals. I recommend that you spend a little more time watching videos of Yourself, and return to the thinking that there is nothing more to life than tennis. ‘Even though personalities make the sport so great.’ This is concerning. Look again, and You will find that it is the GOAT who makes the sport so great, as your internalspective voyage surely revealed. I hope You are returned to full health soon. There is a lot to be gained from cucumber sandwiches.

  5. Ta very much fothanswer..It was a reet gudun. Perhaps you have now realised that I suggest the Lancashire much warmer and colourful than that other county’s ovver Pennines. I also have the strong condemnations. If Heidi is a member of staff she should be banned from the replying as she will show the bias….not just on her dirndl skirt either. I recommend that she is sent straight back to tend the goats. A little bird tweeted that Peter is getting frustrated and that could be the leadings to all sorts of she nanny gins. You have been warned. From your devoted Olympic Gold Medal Andy fan.

    • Dear Supergran,

      pleaso do not make the crossings over me. I indeed aim to tend to the GOAT, as you suggest. Since I have no tweetings-tech, as you do, these bloggings are my means of communications with my boss. I will try to show the least bias possible; however, you’re last post was cause for concernings for my GOAT’s wellbeing, given he was in an emotional state already. My response was in no way intended to come mix into your precious relations with GOAT, nor did I try to get you banned from this bloggings-reply-function.

      Peter says hello. He’s fine with me tending to the GOAT. He is more than happy for me finally showing interest in goats as it is. Does me a world of good to read your genuin concern about our relationship though.

      I was so happy to read a while ago that you have known me for so long and that you liked reading up on me way back when. Please, do not change your opinion about me. I wish you nothing but the best!

      Kind regardings,

      PS: sssshhh, please don’t tell the GOAT, but I do know what it is like to have soft spottings for other players 😛

  6. I think it was most noble of you to decide not to win the US Open in honor of Andy, exactly on the same day of Andy’s last match. Such a perfect tribute to Mr. Rodrickson.

  7. Dear Heidi, Thank you for your gracious answer. I did not realise that you are technically poor and can only communicate with your boss via these blogs. Says a lot about his care of staff. Sorry Heidi but I cannot temper my remarks to the GOAT. You will just have to bend and do the pickings up of the pieces of which there could be many in the coming months. Hope you’ll not get into trouble bending down near him. Best wishes to Peter who is a lonely goatherd. Come on Andy!!

    • Hi Supergran,

      since I am in fact 5’1″ I don’t need to do any bending. No need for you to temper, I will try to pick up as we go along, giggling secretly, enjoying the slashing.
      Have fun watching Andy play and win his next match. And then watch the Serbinator make mince meat of him. Obviously. Idemo No1e!

      Kind regardings,

      PS: Dearest GOAT, please note that above conversationings between Supergran and myself never took place. Someone must have posed as me (and maybe as Supergran as well). I will ask Mr. Mac for advise on filing a law suit.

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