Dog & Fox Pub

Good evening from your Champion!

I had a pleasant day, had a gentle morning, played tennis this afternoon and then H1S7ORY.

You’ve already heard My press conferences and interview with Sue (Minx) Barker. As My tweetings said during the interview, I feel that she made the intentions of brushing past My GOAT bottoms. I am making debates about whether I should report her to Mr. Wimbledon for the harassments . I think I need to complete some application forms first.

After doing the obligatory interviews confirming how great I am My staff had a surprise for Me. I smiled for 9 minutes and 52 seconds when I saw it! It was an Emperor’s Sedan Chair. I will attach a photo for you here in this bloggings. They must have had it flown over from one of My homes. The plan was that they wanted to carry Me back to the apartment in it. I said yes.

It took longer than expected, especially negotiating the traffic stop lights. People in Wimbledon Village did a lot of the starings but I am used to this as everybody loves to see Me.

I realised that the staff member on the front-right was not as fast as the other three. I wasn’t sure in the beginnings but when I saw the Dog & Fox pub three times going around the roundabout circles at the end of Church Road this made the confirmations.

As you can make the imaginations, I had to fire him immediately for insubordination. then I realised I was one person short (front-right). Replacing him was not straight forward. We had to organise interviews, checking of the backgrounds, selection then training (rigorous). I got home eventually and here I am.

About the match? Well I am a little angry here. Mr. Wimbledon told Me that I was the local hero. In fact, no matter where I play the crowd always support Me over anybody else. But today I did not feel this. I was a lot surprised because the Prime Ministerial Boss of Great Britain, David Cameroon was there. One assumed they would be more obedient with their boss and Me in the house. I nearly shouted Shut Up several times but decided to detain Myself in case Andrew aimed a ball at My trophies like he did with Tsonga.

I was surprised to learn that as well as winning I am the number one seedling too! Really? You’re welcome!

Now I am making the preparations for the Olympics and we are going for Go1d.

Till next time,

PF xxx

12 thoughts on “Dog & Fox Pub

  1. PF, Glad u found a person to replace the fired guy else boy, u would have been stranded there!!
    Well Andrew missed his shots at you…beware he may get lucky next time!

  2. Dear Mr. GOA7,

    First things first: Let me express my great admirations and congratulate You humbly on making history into H1S7ORY. I hope You have recovered well from the nasty fall You took while trying to chase that last volley Andrew from Scotland tried to outsmart You with (I could have told him goats are not that easily outsmarted, cerntainly not on grass, based upon my own experience by the way).
    I also enjoyed the ceremonies, where Your opponent did not even try to hide his tears of happiness for Your great achievement. Hey, I’d be happy too if I was part of a great feat like that!

    Brings me to the subject of tears and crying.
    Might I be so forward as to ask humbly for Your help…

    See, my little Heidi has me puzzled lately.
    She was always so fond of me and my goats, but that has changed radically the last couple of days. She either tries to avoid my goats or yells at them “are you going to fire me too” and breaks down in hysteric tears.
    I really don’t know what happened to her; I went on a tour ’round the mountain telling everyone You personally sent me Your regardings and when I came back a day or so later she had changed from a ray of sunshine into this mountain of misery.
    But what alarmed me most was that she only reluctantly agreed to watch the explosion of Your greatness yesterday and chose to do so sitting in the corner of the room, surrounded with paper towels, in stead of jumping up and down in utter joy as she normally does. I put her to bed afterwards and sat by her bed worrying. I could have sworn she sang “I am a dream” in her sleep.

    I am sorry to take up so much space on Your bloggings, but I thought I’d ask GOA7 (similarity to the word “God” strikes me time and time again), because If anyone knows, it is the One who makes the world go ’round.

    With sincere regardings,
    Peter (goatherd and friend to little Heidi)

    • Oh you’re Peter! Hello. You’re welcome.

      I believe Heidi is OK. It is not the first time I have experienced this in the people. The shock and the awe of making communications with the GOAT is quite a times of trauma and you begin to look, feel and see life with differences. For you? Your suffering is less as at first your communications with Me was through Heidi so your body started to make the preparations.

      For Heidi it was not like this. This is not like meeting a musical popular group as there are many to choose from. There is only one GOA7 and she made direct connections via internet technology.

      Give her some days. She will make the adjustments and return, but she will, of course never be the same again.

      Enjoy this moment.

      You’re welcome

  3. Thank You, much obliged.
    I’ve always been better at relating to goats than to girls anyway, even though I never expected one to actually talk back to me.

    I will inform Heidi about Your kind answerings in due time. I will maybe try to get her to drink some goat’s milk and eat some goat’s cheese beforehand though. Just to make the necessary preparations for her little body. And maybe, in due time, she will find the courage to write to You herself via the internet technologies yet again.

    If that’s allright with You, that is.

    • Hello Peter Persons. I expected your appreciations.

      Of course Heidi or yourself may write to Me. You all know I like to keep close contacts with My fans.

      Don’t worry, everything will all right. I am here.

  4. Dearest GOAT,

    I’ve only just now been made aware of Your recent tweetings and bloggings. I’m afraid I missed out on the recent “Ask the GOAT” series of questions… but nevertheless – after witnessing a glorious Wimbledon Sunday – I’m compelled to ask:

    Do You ever find Yourself feeling sorry for other players’ on-court apparel? Any fashion advice for the other players on tour – or, indeed, for the public in general?

    • Hello Clayton person. I understand that you feel like you’ve missed out. Many feel the same way. It’s OK.

      Please refer to the other players as the “Little Guys” so I know who you’re making the referrals to. Fashion for them? I feel this is a task with hopelessness. They won’t even wear stylish little soldier jackets for Mr. Wimbledon. Where is the hope? 😦

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