I Have a Dream

In the celebrations of reaching My Wimbledon final I had a call on My FedBerry from Bjorn Borg sending Me his congratulations. I said yes. To celebrate he gave Me special permissions to pen and improve the lyric on a song he wrote when he was in ABBA.

I present to you: I Have A Dream – feel free to do the singing as you read:


I am a dream, a song to sing
To help you cope with anything
When you see the wonder, of the yachts I sail
I can take the future, I will never fail
I believe in Wimbledon
Green green grass everywhere I see
I believe in Sue Barker
She always knows when the time is right for Me
I’ll cross Church Road, I have a dream

I am a dream, a real life fantasy
I help you through reality
And my Humbleness makes it worth the while
Pushing you through your dark lives still another mile
When I look in My mirror
It’s very good in everything I see
When I look in My mirror
I really know My box has Gwen StaFunny
I’ll cross the oceans, on Fed Force One
I’ll cross the seas, it’s great to be Me

Wimbledon is My dream, your song to sing
The tough draw helps Me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of the Little Guys
You have to wonder, why I didn’t get the byes
I believe in HIS7ORY
Pistol Peter says I am great in everything he sees
He says I am his angel
I’m not sure he is right for Me
I’m always so humble, even when Chef serves Me My tea
I have a dream, a Wimbledream


Here is the remindings of the original:

PF xxx

9 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. LOL just can’t help to comment coz this is soo much win…i actually sang it in my head while reading it hahaha

  2. Magnificent, Maestro! I shall be singing it silently as You make Your way onto Centre Court tomorrow.

  3. Have I been fired?

    If I have I guess it’s no use saying I love Your lyrics. Improving on ABBA is truely GOAT. Or maybe I should start writing GOA7.

    And in case I am truely fired, I will cry tears of happiness mixed with tears of bitterness over what I bestowed upon myself with my revealings tomorrow after You win again in 2.

  4. I don’t wanna talk
    Leave all that to Auntie Sue
    Rafa’s loss is hurting me
    But he’s helped your his7ory
    You’ve worn all Your card(ie)s
    That the CC knitting lady made You
    Nothing more to say
    You’ve plenty more ace(s) to play

    The winner takes it all
    Andy Murray’s standing small
    Beside Your vic7ory
    That’s Your des7iny

    (music by Benny & Bjorn – lyrics by Wooffie fan)

    • Wooffie Fan! You’re most talented. I feel you could be one on My team of speech writers for the press conferences. Maybe even the Supervisor reporting directly to Me. #dreamjob

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