Ask The GOAT

Hello fans,

I want you to know My back is OK. I have been doing My special exercises that I mentioned in the after-match chat and it feels good. So don’t worry.

This bloggings today is about you. I want to give you a gift I know will make you happy. I am doing a questions and few answers session using technology of the big wide web. Over the next few days you can send Me a questions on the twitter using the hash taggings #AskTheGOAT – then I will see them.

I will pick the questions I like and answer them on a future bloggings and your Twitter name will appear by your question and will be public. This means everybody can see it.

The best question will win a prize of… are you making the waiting? …. the user of the best question will be followed on Twitter by Me!

Here are the rules:

  1. I decide which questions to answer. My staff and I will read all of them.
  2. Unseeded rubbish questions will be ignored.
  3. I will decide which questions I choose to ignore and will not justify Myself to anybody (except Mr. Harmans).
  4. If I am already following you and you win, I will unfollow then follow you.
  5. If I do not like the tweetings the winner makes I may still unfollow you in the future at any given time.
  6. My Friends, family members and staff are eligible to enter.
  7. Questions from females and males will be treated equally, but please do not tell Gilles Simon.
  8. One question per tweeter. If anybody submits more than one question I will say “Shut Up”.
  9. All questions must be about Me.
  10. I may change the rules at any time without notice.

Put on your thinking head garments and start tweeting, do not forget: #AskTheGOAT

PF xxx

19 thoughts on “Ask The GOAT

  1. Oh Humble GOAT,

    Do you think that it’s actually unfair that other players get the same pay when you are far more entertaining?

  2. Dear PseudoFed,

    Firstly congratulations on getting past “a very difficult player” when everyone else in the draw is playing Little Guys, even with your back issues. That is very clever of you to highlight it now, just in case you lose your next match…

    I’m wondering what you think about Roger Federer’s sense of humour? He recently asked if people think You are funny… and also said he spent 10 minutes laughing when Rafael Nadal lost… I’d love to know your perspective on his brain/intelligence/ability to sense satire?

    Thank you for existing…

  3. Can simple (little in my case) people without Twitter be included in the proceedings?

    By the way: I suggest (if I might) You tuck Your shirt firmly in Your shorts tomorrow. My mum always told me that would do wonders for my back (and it was supposed to prevent blatter infections too, as a bonus).

    • Hello Heidi, Thank you for the special information about the fashion I wear. I will ensure My staff make a note of it.

      You don’t have the tweetings? I think you should, even if it’s to follow Me. In any case as I can change the rules to My liking I will make the special exception for you. If you have a question for Me you can email to Me and use #AskTheGOAT in your subject. This special permission is for Heidi only, if anybody else does this they will be fired.

      • I have been smiling radiantly (for way more than 9 minutes 58 seconds) and making the blushings over and over again, every time I read Your response.
        Maybe I will launch a tweetings of my own and maybe I will come up with an interesting question to send to Your electronic letterbox. But to be honest, I think You couldn’t bestow a prize or honour on me greater than You have already done, changing the rules especially for me and granting me this Heidi-only permission. I will cherish this for the rest of my life and this story will be one of the legends my offspring will tell at the Christmas dinner table for ages to come.
        (By the way, I do follow Your tweetings, but via the internet)

        Be sure to do a proper warmings up today and keep that back warm!

        Kindests regards,
        Heidi (and my friend Peter, the goatherd, says hello too; he is so proud of me, he will go tell it on the mountain!)

  4. Dear GOAT,
    obviously you know it’s a pity that we can’t watch beautiful game in singlings, doublings, mixings and ladies (don’t tell it to Gilles Simon, please). I’ve always considered your balletic tennis a wee bit effeminate, you know. What do you think about a career of a prima balletina when you retire from tennis? You’ll be allowed to wear golden tutus which is much better than your golden wimbledon bag.

  5. Heidi – your confessions are almost as enlightening as the #GOAT’s. And I nearly smiled longer than the obligatory ten minutes whilst reading them.

  6. Hello little Heidi. I knew you’d feel like this. If you want to send a question to the GOAT the cut off time is tomorrow (Thursday) whenever I feel like it so be careful.

    Please send warm regards to your friend Peter. I think it’s very humble you call your staff by the first name. I try not to because it keeps them humble.

  7. My dearest GOAT,

    I know You know I was so happy to see You wearing some thermo underwear under your shirt, safely tucked in to Your shorts yesterday. I can’t help feeling a bit responsible for the way you slashed the Russian fellow, with your back nicely warm (don’t really pitty him, he should have expected this anyhow).

    I have decided to not send in an official question, since You have been so kindly responding to everything I write already and I don’t want to hog Your time. After all, I am new around here and others have much older rights. I try to stay humble, next to staying little (which I don’t have to try for actually…).

    My friend Peter went on a tour around the mountain again after receiving Your regards. He asked me to tell You that there will always be a place in his herd for You.

    I actually don’t have staff myself. At 5ft1 it is not easy finding staff not towering over me. People who are physically looking down on me tend to not be so willing to look up to me. The only peolple left for me to hire are children age 10 and under and they make lousy servants (have to be told everything and usually don’t listen anyhow).

    @ Woofs
    Thank you very much for your compliments, even more so because I’ve seen you around Twitter and know that You do the tweetings with the GOAT back and forth and are therefore one of his in crowd (or so it seems to me, even though you seem to be a Rafa fan). I do hope the GOAT won’t feel I am trying to steel his lime light here.

    What a way to start my day by the way. Blushings and smiles flying all over the place 😛

  8. Dear Humble GOAT Sir,

    In my #humble opinion, I find it shocking that You have under 10,000 followers on 7wi77er. How could You allow this to happen? I think someone on Your PR staff should get fired.

    (I hope You find it in Your heart to have forgivings for the fact that this is a comment and not a question)

    Ichiro fan.

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