Hello fans!

Here we are in the land of the free. It isn’t free by the way, you have to pay at the shops, restaurants and spa resorts. To avoid any confusion, I am using the term “you” literally.

First of all let Me answer what many of My fans have been asking, the draw for Indian Very Wells. Am I happy about it? Well staff did raise one of My eyebrows when I saw it, but to be honest I don’t know what I would have been acceptable. Unfortunately I have to play some matches to reach the final, as strange as this sounds.

You will allow Me to use this bloggings as an opportunity for you feel this great country because I know you can’t afford to travel like Me.

– Palm Desert is a real desert. False. I have not seen any camels or pyramids. But I will keep both eyes open apart from when I do the blinkings.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cyborg from the future. Incorrect. He is an actor from the past.
– The Tea Party is about Earl Grey and PG Tips. I’m not sure, don’t know.
– Roswell is where the beings from another planet live. Incorrect, they live in Washington D.C. and they all live in a house on top of Capitol Hill. (Not to be confused with Darren Cahill who is a top broadcaster).

– The city of Boston is named after the band who sang the great rock anthem, ‘More Than a Feeling’. Correct and true.
– Stanford has a University named after him although how he managed that I will never know. Offended really.
– New Mexico is not in Mexico. Correct, although I am not sure why, they could have called it something else.

Playing My first match soon. I had a terrible day recently. Everybody says the facilities here are great. And they are, there is no disputes about that. But at least the other venues don’t get the actual players to help to build them. I was not sure what to do with the shovels. Then Djokovic suggested we all re-enact the video from the Village People but I said to him, “Young Man, pick yourself off the ground.”

Let’s hope I have a better day today.

PF xxx

6 thoughts on “YMCA

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  2. Dearest GOAT boss,

    Would You have one of my fellow staff members explain to me what is so bad about these drawings? I would say Ferrer in the semis is a whole lot better than Andy of the Murray’s.

    Wishing You great Indian (d)Welllings. Maybe You could make the little djokings and pull that shovel out of Your tennis bag before Your match.

    Kind regardings,

    PS: Staff might have forgotten to tell You about the US Federer Reserve. Just to see Stanford’s U in the correct persective.

    • “Staff might have forgotten to tell You about the US Federer Reserve. Just to see Stanford’s U in the correct persective.”

      Immediate promotion for you, little person. Congratulations.

  3. Hello Mr Federation, lovely to receive a new blogging from the Indian Reserve. I was heartened to see you taking up a new trade using the shovel instead of the racquet. I’m sure that job opportunities will be dripping through your letter box as I type. Just keep your hat on. As to the draw I always say Que Sera, Sera. I say it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at weekends and during tennis tournaments. It is a good thought to keep in your head especially if you feel that you are losing yours. Keep the hat on. Your geographical details and historical information are a little muddled but I will excuse you as you are foreign and Swiss to boot. Enjoy the sunshine and keep digging. Wear your hat. Regards to Murky and the twins. Your devoted Andy fan. xx

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