The GOAT’s Speech

To all My loyal Subjectives,

As we draw towards the end of another great year for Me I wanted to send My Christmas, Holiday and New Year wishes to you all, so many of you.

I had a wonderful gift from one of My sponsors that make razors (Lillette). They organized a trip to south of America so more people could see Me. It was very emotional for them which is understandable:

Imagine all that you could wish for. This is what it was like for them and I smiled at being able to bring so much joy to their lives. You’re welcome.Gillete-Federer-Tour-2012 Of course, I had sponsor commitments so it was important that I was very clean shaven so I made sure staff did a good job every morning before I left the hotel apartment suites. I also gave out free sponsor razor blades to fans at every opportunity for sponsor brand awareness. This was fine although a little awkward when I met the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

It has been a stressful time since returning homes. Christmas time is always stressful as you all know. The biggest headache of all is which home to spend Christmas Day in. It causes so much friction each year as I know it does for you all too. I’m sure it will be one of them. It is always fun in the end. Sometimes in the morning I even go into the kitchen and share the little jokes with Chef. One year I pretended to help with the cooking and the rest of the staff were in shock and started to make the clapping noise with their hands. We really fooled them and Chef and I made the high five. Then there was this one time, at training camp, when I had a little whoopsie cushion that makes the little noise when you sit on it. Mirky was not amused.

To finish, Me and My staff would like to wish you all, regardless of faith, religion and height a very happy time during the festive season and I hope that next year (2013) will be even better for Me.

Much love,
PF xxx

10 thoughts on “The GOAT’s Speech

  1. My dearest GOAT-boss,

    thank You very much for including vertically challenged people like me (and One Martin of the Potros on the other side of the spectrum) explicitely in Your Christmas wishes.

    I could of course mention You explicitely in mine, but You know You are in every one of my thoughts, whishes and prayers anyway.

    But one extra won’t hurt:
    Whishing You all the best for next year and all years to come!

    Kind regardings

  2. Hello GOAT, Apologies for the tardiness in replying but as you can imagine (or can you?) I have been very busy doing things that you know nothing about. We had a lovely Christmas and the same problems cropped…where would we spend it? In this home or my son’s home or in the Home for the Bewildered or in the British Home Stores or Home from Home? We decided on No 1 son’s home and had a wonderful day as I’m sure you did but unlike you we ate heartily and imbibed with gusto…the Turkey dinner, the desserts, the cheese and biscuits, the mince pies, the champagne, wine and port, We had the much laughings and I even did the fallings over while dancing. I hope the tall people had a good time doing the stretching exercises which of course you must do refrainings of because of your age. Do be careful when being helped up by your put-upon staff. They must have had a great time being at the becks and calls of you. I hope you have the happy New Year and enjoy your brief time in Australia. A few days in Oz will put some colour in your clean-shaven face. May I also send New Year’s greeting to Mirky and the twins and also to your staff and little Heidi of the goats. It’s been a great year for tennis fans and especially for me. As you know Andy Murray wins the Olympic Gold and the US Open….I’m sure you enjoyed both. Well, hoping to receive more bloggings from you in 2013….methinks you may have lots more time to do the writings as you will not be playing the long tournaments. This, of course, is much better for you as you get older and I should know!! The older you get the older you get. Regardless, Maureen S-J.

    • Many thanks dear Supergran! I am so happy 2012 brought me an extra gran, since I had been doning wihout since 2010. If I may say so (hope this goes unnoticed by GOAT, since he might feel threatened), you are an example to me; I can just hope to be such a wise gran myself when the time comes (est. 2027).
      I wish you a great start to the new year and hope it brings you and your loved ones whatever you wish for (first wish will be evaluated come end of January :P).

      Kind regards,
      Heidi and goats (I’m sure the other GOAT will reply personally).

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