Australia 2013 – If a tree falls in the forest can you hear it? I can.

Great Day Mates!

Well, the first temperament of the year is nearly upon us. The draw is out and I must say I made some surprised faces when I saw it. I believe there has been what is known as, An error of the Administrations. Staff have promised to make the phone calls before Monday.

I am using this blogging technology to launch an announcement. A New Year should always contain resolutions. I have some. You’re probably expecting Me to say that I want to end the year as the number one seedling as I usually say at this time of year. Incorrect. I received lots of positive feedback quote_pffollowing My tweetings regarding this quote of Mine in this photograph. It helped so many people. One fan said he would print it and stick it on his bathroom mirror although he didn’t mention which bathroom. Another said her bad day had been transformed and she was filled with the motivations.

I am going to become your Spiritual Teacher. Yes. You may still refer to Me as GOAT, but I am now beyond form. I have been reading the Dharma. I started with “Lost” but I didn’t like the ending, nor did I understand it. So I switched to the previous version written by the Buddha. I know it’s difficult to believe he knew that I would one day exist, but he did. He wrote, “You are the Buddha”, I replied to the book, “You’re Welcome”.

From this moment onwards some of My tweets will contain motivational quotes to help you in your little lives. Each quote will be called, “Spiritual GOAT quote”.

On the court I will become as one with the ball. I will be the ball, the ball will be Me, you are all connected so are all a part of Me, I am not a part of you. Tennis is not just a game, it is life, it is the tree of life. If the tree falls in the forest can you hear it? No you can’t. I can.

Please enjoy the next two weeks of great tennis. I look forward to lifting the trophy, if I choose to.

Remember I am always with you, I am everywhere, especially in the Media Centre #JustSayin

PF xxx

11 thoughts on “Australia 2013 – If a tree falls in the forest can you hear it? I can.

  1. Wow, O Enlightened Maestro! You are the ball? Singular? hmmm…. I foresee some very uncomfortable times for you, O Budd. I mean, the backspin and all — but I can see how this Revelation will release new energies in the other seedlings. Or….will the staff be making the standings in for you on the court as the fuzzy yellows?

  2. Dear Mr. GOAT,

    my little Heidi threw a tremendous fit when she saw the happy face of Mr. Noisy Families looking at this Australian drawings. (At least, I interpreted it as a fit, but she might have been laughing histeriously for joy, I am not sure.)

    If there is anything we can do to help You prevent future mishaps like this one, please let us know.

    In the mean time thank You very much for Your spiritual guiding. We are feeling quite Zen on our little mountain.

    Whishing You good luck down under and please remember to hang upside down now and then, to prevent all the blood dropping to your head. It would make You look rather redfaced and silly.



  3. Well. how unexpected that the GOAT turns GURU and that you are now talking the balls. The pebbles of wisdom that will be sent from your mind will be as welcome as the raindrops falling softly on the court. The motivating is so important in the twilight of your tennis career and if the mirror image inspires you to talk the balls then I say….Go Guru Goat. The Gnomes of Zurich and the other small peoples will welcome your pithy sayings while the New York Giants and other tall persons will smile down on you exchanging the winkings and the noddings. Looking forward to the motivatings and I will end by saying…..Have a safe journey home. Does Swissland have the snowfall yet? Enjoy making the balls of snow as you drip the inspirational balls to your fans who are in the dwindling. Best wishes to Mirky and the twins. The earplugs suit them!!

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