Revised ESPN Picks

For those outside of the America, ESPN get expert people to make the predictions on the tennis before the tournaments. I am formerly letting everybody know that the “picks” that were made today were incorrect.

On behalf of ESPN I apologise for their administrative error. They have assured Me that the appropriate staff have been fired.

The real picks are below with a new panel of experts:

I welcome the new and more sensible experts to the tennis game and look forward to meeting them soon.

You’re welcome,
PF xxx

15 thoughts on “Revised ESPN Picks

  1. An error or an overly vocal Serbian conspiracy by ESPN? Either way, I’m glad You addressed and solved the problem. On another subject, can You reflect on the birthday party held in Your honor last night. It appears Mr. Haas was there, along with a few of Your fashionable friends. We look forward to Your humble description.

  2. That’s more like it! I have to say that Gilberer and Bryderer are making me feel a little uncomfortable though. Have you sent this revised list to Mr Flushing? If these experts can change their minds about the outcome, maybe so can he about the draw…

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  4. hey….i find it a lil weird dat how m i fan of federer and pseudofed @ d same tym…………….totally loved dis one…..SUPERCOOL !!!

  5. Two things, #GOAT Maestro

    » Change name to R Federror
    » Change display pic in the picks to the one in your profile.


    Oh… And put a * next to the picks. *conditions apply. 😉

  6. That’s quite a line-up You’ve got there, Maestro. Curious — they all seem familiar, somehow. Very goodlooking … kinda … except for the hair. Have we seen them among Your staff? They do seem to be of the same mind…

  7. To my eternally genious GOAT-boss,

    will these experts also take place in the comentary boxes? I would think they can assure Your name being mentioned in each and every match of every event (wheelchairs included). That way You will not have to depend on the Sue Barkings’ of this world, who do tend to force the issue of getting close to You (and Your divine behind).

    Kind regardings,

    PS: Was expert #2, Mr. Dryerer, actually a member of Modern Talking in the past?

  8. Rather amusing and of course you’re right to feel affronted. But don’t be putting the carts before the horses. It is also worrying that in these days of recession you are always in the hurries to fire people and remove them from your Christmas card list. The photographs of the new experts frightened me a little. They all have the big noses with which to blow the hot air. And their smiles are very creepy. This should not be shown to people of a delicate nature.

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  11. Feeling personally offended by Mr. Cahills’ recent Tweetings, suggesting that Your staff might forget charging the Fedberry. Is this how he makes his applicationings for joining Your staff ranks, since he was fired from the “expert” pannel on ESPN?

    Kind regardings and enjoy winning today.


  12. Dear #goat#erer

    Congrats on the languishing of the youngin Donald and safe pleasures on your journeys to the #18 the super #goat

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