Bloggings from Olympic Britain

Hello Dear ones,

It has been difficult to keep up with the bloggings as My time has been full to the top. But I am here now.

The race for the Olympic Gold Medallion is going great. Although today somebody made Me play a tall one. I already have a ridiculously difficult draw so I think is making the insults. Let’s not make the problems though, it went OK. An exciting match full of great rallies!

I prefer not to speak about my doubles with Stanford. As Mr. Captain Mannering used to say in the British show, ‘Father’s Army’ – “Stupid Boy”. Although if I am making the honesty I will say that I already have this gold medallion. I am looking for the one you get for playing by yourself (not with a friend). I will wear it proudly and fashionably with the open shirts.

I have spent so long here in the UK I feel that I am a local one. I am trying to learn more than usual about the culture and I thought I would share the findings.

UK stands for United Kingdom. In the north there is a country called the Scotland. This is owned by Andrew Murray. It seems very fashionable to wear what is called a “Kilt”. I like this very much as it allows more freedom of the movements. The front part is called a Sporran and this will be a useful place to keep the FedBerry although I will have to choose the message alert settings carefully. I have already been in contact with a top UK fashion house to have one made in white for Wimbledon next year. I hope not to fall over during a match and make the revealings.

To the west there is a country called Wales. Again they are the lovely people and they can all sing. I can understand the Scottish accent, but the Welsh is so strong it seems like another language.

There is also Northern Ireland but I cannot study this yet as the sea is in the way. I will use the computer to find out more.

Yesterday (the Wednesday) I mixed with the crowds in Wimbledon in My usual disguises. It was fun times seeing how the people on the other halves live. Most people didn’t recognise Me. Someone did. I know you were pleased to see Me and it was your pleasure to spend some time with Me. You’re welcome.

PF xxx

12 thoughts on “Bloggings from Olympic Britain

  1. New bloggings for my birthday! How did you know? And thank you for defeating the tall one and not ruining said birthday.

  2. I think you already have the gold medallion for playing yourself, GOAT (a little plays of the words there, thankfully following your styles).

  3. Hola Fed!

    May I be so bold as to tell you my story? Last year, the website of the London 2012 held a little raffle, and I won! So I was able to make the personal invitations of Mr Wimbledon and visited his house on Wednesday. As You said Yourself, that little Spanish boy was a bit lacking in his preparations which was actually very #humble of him, as it meant I could zip around from court to court and watch the Little Guys. I made a visit to the Court 18, primarily to see the one that Your friend Judy of the Murray makes such a fuss about … the one they call Deliciano? I now know why she makes the blushings about him. I haven’t been able to put my tongue back in my mouth since! But I do the digressings …

    Can you imagine my delight that not only do You champion the rights of the Little Guys, You are also so #humble that You choose to make the appearances on their courts too … the Court 18, where I had the ringside of the seats!! I read one journalist making the outragings that You should not ever be placed on such a court. I think he does not have the understandings of how You love to make Yourself accessible to Your fans. You will remember entering the court with Stanford to much waving of the flags … perhaps you noticed me waving mine? It was of the red and yellow colour.

    Anyhow, I could only cope being in Your presence for the total of 3 games, it was really that #humbling. As I left and made my way along the row, one Old Gentleman said to me, “Do you think they will win that easily that you’re leaving already?” I said, #shutup and I’m sure that You have now #fired him.

    Equally, when I got to the gate where the lady steward was holding back the masses who wished to enter to see You, she said – in a voice that was bordering on hysterical and laced with incredulity – “You’re LEAVING???” And when I said, “Yes”, she looked at me with the most concernings and said, “Are you alright?” I think she perhaps thought I was soft in the head.

    Anyhow, thank you for doing the listenings and Good Luck today against TeenWolf.

    Wooffie fan. x

    • Hello Woffie fan!

      Always a pleasure to hear from you. I don’t know what you said about the Spanish players. Maybe it’s a barrier of the languages. I am glad you came to see Me on Wednesday. Did you have a nice time (when you weren’t watching Me?).

      Yes i am making the imaginations about people being surprised when you left the court in which I was playing. This almost sounds as ludicrous as asking a commentator covering a ladies doubles match to not mention My name.

      And to think Wednesday was the day I also mixed with My fans in the Wimbledon grounds. You probably brushed past Me and didn’t even know it. You’re welcome.

      See Me soon!

  4. ” In the north there is a country called the Scotland. This is owned by Andrew Murray. “

    Well, I guess it certainly is now.

    *tears of laughter*

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