Novak and Rolex

Bonjour Mon Fans,

GOAT here, I am well, thank you for asking.

I asked staff to turn on one of My television sets this morning and noticed the US Open is still on. I made the surprised faces. I thought after all the big ones had either left or, as in My case, not entered to begin with, there was no point. Having said this, I am glad the organizers are letting the Little Guys have a chance too.

Well what an interesting few days we have had in the world of the tennis. Novak Djokovic made the inadvertatious hit of the ball and this hit a lines-person. We have to be very careful about gender-labelling nowadays guys. Well, there is a men’s tour and a women’s tour which nobody has noticed yet so let’s keep that under our expensive and fashionable hat.

Unsurprisingly Novak was on the receiving end of the criticizations. Poor gentleman can’t do anything right. Mr and Mrs commentators (not all) and journos (most) have it in for him although they are totally impartial. I am making a little cough.

Djokivic seeing injured official

But you fans (I know I have many) should know better. Can we do the calming down faces please. If I had made this same mistake, you would all be making the excuses for me, and rightly so. You’d be saying how unlucky I was and what a loss for the tournament, all of which would be of the correctations. If it was Stanford you’d all be saying how Stanford would be devastated and how he’s such a lovely person, again this would be the truthful faces. If it was Andrew of the Murrays, same again, so unlucky and even more so after all he has gone through, again, totally correct. Rafaello? Yes, same song, different words.

And before you start thinking the, “Yes but…” faces. Do please shut it, I have enough problems without hearing your opinions.

Problems? What problems could I possibly have you ask?

Well, I have recently discovered that my priceless line of rare Rolex watches are useless. A watch has one purpose and every time Mr. Rolex sends me another one I am told that it may lose or gain some seconds a day.

Yesterday a staff member walks into My living quarters wearing a cheap looking timepiece. I don’t pay them enough to make the purchasing of nice things.

“What is it?” I asked with a kind and yet curious face. Sometimes it’s good to see how small people live as it keeps you humble.

He told me the watch was atomic. I took a step back thinking about the Chernobyl radiation faces. He tried to calm me explaining that it receives a radio signal each night and, therefore, is always 100% correct. It was also solar-powered.

Mr. Rolex, Novak’s Seiko has all of these features. With My Submariner I need to ask a staff member to change time zones for Me each time I fly. This means taking it off, handing it to them, then using the disinfectant wipes before it lays graciously on My little wristy.

At that moment I realized that the staff member’s watch is better than all of My watches put together. I know what you’re thinking Mon fans, ‘Yes, but it’s not a Rolex’. But yet, what does this mean? Are we buying a watch or a piece of jewellery? If it is the latter I would prefer to wear some of My crystal bracelets, although they do catch the hairs sometimes. It is still somewhat embarrassing if I have to ask a staff member the time to see if My Rolex is correct.

I am seriously considering My relationship with Mr. Rolex although will not make a decision while they are still paying Me more money than you could ever dream of.

“Rolex, for rich people to let you know they have more money than you.”

Much love,
PF xx

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9 thoughts on “Novak and Rolex

  1. Sorry to hear the bad news about Your Rolex. It’s easy to forget that even rich people have hardships, and can suffer. I am very disappointed in Rolex, I must say, after all You have done to make them a big time brand name. Who knew them, before You sponsored them? At least Barilla pasta and Lindt won’t let You down.

    As for Your musings on Djoko, I must tell You that I read in the papers the comment that the ONLY player who’s never thrown a racquet is Rafaello. They said even You were known to throw them around! Needless to say, I did not believe this. Possibly they meant the shankings You sometimes do?

    • Michele, you understand the sufferings I am experiencing at the moments. Before Me, Rolex used to be given away in the crackers of the Christmas. My shankings are certainly second to none. Much love x

  2. well as much as I rely on Your opinions & informations to influence my own tennis broadenings, I sadly am in the disagreements with You about Novak’s actions. Indefensible.

    And so sorry about the Rolexes, the rich do so have the sufferings, perhaps you could ask Rafaello to loan you his even more expensive wrist ornament.

  3. Dear Rich person, quelle horreur, das fur ein horror. You must be suffering the devastations regarding your free timekeepers which are not doing the time keeping. Frankly I don’t care as my two watches purchased with my hard-earned money do a grand job. As for the Djoko; yesterday’s news, yesterday’s chip paper or toilet paper if there’s been a run on toilet rolls in your area. He did the breaking of the rule so had to go. Some people miss him some don’t just as a few people are missing you and some aren’t. I will do the evading of which category I’m in as you have enough of the problematics. Spend your time wisely and remember it can pass quickly if you are doing the enjoyings but will drag if you are forever doing the looking at your infernal Rolexes. A watched watch can be the wastings of the time. Your devoted Andy fan. XX

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