Hello Little Ones,

PF here on the middle Saturday. Quite unusual for Me to be on court today as you all know but I mustn’t do the grumblings. Mr. Wimbledon has put Me on last all week so staff don’t have to get Me up too early.

Just a little notelet to share a little fun-time experience I had recently.

During the week a couple of fans from the Ladies side of the draw stopped Me outside Centre Court. Well, wouldn’t be any other court really would it. Anyway, they were both so excited to have seen me and we did the huggings and the little kissings.

One of them gave Me a little Good Luck gift for the tournament. I have taken a photo of it with My portable telephone technology and would like to show you:

vgoat - Copy

I was doing the admirations, but then put away the pocket mirror and quickly looked back at the card again. Really thoughtful. Thank you.

The same lady then got out this piece of focaccia and offered it to Me.

“No, thank you,” I said with such gentle courtesy and warmth.

She then insisted and said it might help Me win. I made the little smiling faces and the chuckle sounds and explained that I like to avoid Mr. Starchy before a match.

Shortly afterwards I had to go as I wanted to play a round of golf to relax as part of the preparations for My match. I actually don’t play much golf now. I used to play more. Tiger Woods and I used to be great friends you will remember. Not sure what happened to him, I think he still plays but not sure it’s golf.

Anyway, I must dash. Thank you again to My two fans and good luck to you both for the rest of the tournament.

Much love,
PF xx



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