Flat Earth Theory – an essay

As the wonderful Australian Open is about to begin I would like to share some personal thoughts as a way of making the relaxing faces.

I have been reading in this past year that some people believe that the earth is flat like the pancakes and this has interested Me somewhat.


As an International SuperStar that has travelled much more than you, I have seen many things and I would like to use these observations to add to the global discussion on this theory.

Firstly I want to make the declarations that I am not a subscriber to the flat-earth theory. I do subscribe to many things, mainly fashion magazines so it is not that I am against subscriptions. I also like the Netflix though haven’t appreciated their recent price increase.

My (private) aeroplane has enabled Me to witness large formations, commonly called mountains. This in itself proves the earth is not flat, in fact , I would go as far to say that in some parts, like the top of a mountain, it’s rather pointy.

Secondly, I have been to the Australia. Everybody knows Australia is upside-down so if the earth was flat you would have to travel to the flat earth’s outer-edge, then flip over and go underneath to travel to Australia, yet I have not experienced an outer-edge. You can travel straight to Melbourne which shows that either Australia is on the top layer of the pancakes, or the earth is round.

I am of the beliefings in the theory that earth is round, sometimes referred to as the tennis-ball hypothesis. This suggests that the planet is like a fluffy sphere, perhaps Slazenger although we cannot confirm this as the earth is so old that the logo may have rubbed off over time, in layman terms this is often referred to as the erosion. Less often it is referred to as explosion, which rhymes.

rufus-the-hawkMany noble experts also believe in the round, tennis-ball theory too, most notable perhaps is Professor Stephen Hawkins. Coincidentally, as well as being a famous scientist I have heard that he also volunteers at Wimbledon during the championships flying around the grounds scaring the pigeons away. Quite remarkable given how busy he must be.

I hope this essay is considered by the scientific community and that it adds to the body of knowledge on the subject.

PF xx

Essay References:
– Basel Local Library, 2nd floor, 3rd section just past the children’s books. Please be quiet.

– Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, CD disk 2.

– Personal observation outside using My eyes. Tip: Best to look at night, look up as well as left and right.

– Wikipedia https://wikileaks.org

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2 thoughts on “Flat Earth Theory – an essay

  1. After the reading of this I had to lie down in a darkened room as my head was doing the whizzing. Your knowledge or should I say lack of is totally amazing. I have never been down under nor up over but have visited a planetarium which does the providing of the earth as round but bigger than a tennis ball. Perhaps you could visit one or I suggest you do the rocket flight to space. This journey might take a few years and you could do the blogging as you hurtle above the mere mortals. You would be properly looking down on us then. Enjoy your twilight days down under and when your leisure time arrives this year do more studying of the physics. I remain, as always your devoted Andy fan. XX

    • Hello Super One, always a pleasure for you.

      Thank you for the great career advice which staff shall ponder on My behalf.

      May 2018 bring you health and happiness.

      Much love,
      PF xx

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