Special Announcement

Hello Everybody Fans!

Funtime Fed here.

Before the announcement, I would like to thank Stanford for standing in for Me in the French Open, Roland Garros, Paris, France. You all know I’ve never really liked it there, even though everybody likes Me there. You can win today Stanford, remember, this is 2017, not 2008.ESPF-Logo

Today I will provide special commentary via tweetings technology during the match. In the unlikely event you know somebody that does not follow Me on the Twitter, please correct this before the match begins. With all this extra time I’ve had, I have decided to form a company called ESPF which is not in anyway affiliated with any other organization of similar sounding letters, like CNN. If I prove successful, and it would be offensive to suggest otherwise, I will hire Top Chief commentator and personal friend Mr. Bradlings.

See you all later!

Much love,
PF xx

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