Roland Garros 2017

Hello Everybody Fans,

Long time no hear from Me. I hope you are all well. I am.

It is with not much regret that I have to announce that the French Open, in France, that normally takes place in Paris (also in France coincidentally) has been cancelled this year.rollandGarros - Copy

Rafaello’s winning run on the dirty clay has brought back some memories that should have stayed as memories. It almost began to feel like 2008 all over again.

Therefore, I have concluded that I should focus My efforts where My heart lies, on the beautiful green green grass of home. I will likely play at Gerry Halliwell Weber’s tournament in Hallay as he has Me on some sort of binding contract *where someone pays you money for doing what they tell you to do.

Naturellement, I will play at Wimbledon. Mr. Wimbledon always sends me a ‘Save the date’ card each year, which is nice. If you want to come and see Me be sure to get Centre Court tickets.

Love and best wishes,
PF xx

12 thoughts on “Roland Garros 2017

    • Hello Michele fan. I missed Me too. I have been doing every day things like everybody else. Attending to staff, one of the jets developed a fault and I had to buy a new one which was really stressful. 😦
      Best wishes,
      PF xx

  1. Hello, so like a bad penny, or a Swiss franc you are back. But then you say you’re not. I am having the confusion. You are not coming back until the green grass of Wimbledon which I point out politely is in England so not the green green grass of your home. Is it true that your Staff laundry maid has refused to wash the red dirt from your clothes or is it that you can’t stand the red stuff as it ruins your socks and shoes? I’m sure that having to replace a jet is a real paining and I sympathise as I’ve just had to replace the machine for the clothes washing and then the vacuum cleaner. Your staff will enlighten you regarding what these appliances are for.. I will be at the Wimbledon on the first Monday to watch Sir Andrew of the Murrays play on the Centre Court. If you are around posing for photographs come and say hello. I hope the sun shines on you as you play in the twilight…..of your years and I hope that the rheumatism and the arthritis and the varicose veins are not too much of the troubling. With my best wishes as always I remain your devoted Andy fan. X ps If you have to leave early please keep in touch. XX

    • Hello Super One, Always a pleasure to hear from you as you offer great knowledge. Today I learned that machines wash clothes and not staff! Who knew? May have to consider doing some firings. See you on Monday! xx

  2. hi PF, i really enjoy your blog! I thought it might be fun to have you as a guest on our tennis video show! I was thinking of having someone interview you and having a picture of your bio pic and SIRI reading your response to the world! what do you think? Do i have permission to use your words? I think the world needs to hear from you on video! Unless you want to read it yourself and send me an audio file??

    • Hello. You are correct, everybody would love to hear from Me, as they already do. Unfortunately, I have to focus all My energies on matches these days so have to decline on the audio offer. But… I aim to do the pleasings so if you care to email Me your questions I will gladly reply if you like and you can read them out. Much love, PFxx

  3. PF, you’re back!! (Sort of) thanks for clearing up the confusion about the schedule. I’ve been scratching my head about why my ESPN app shows no tennis for that 2-week period. Maybe Mr Roland Garros is gonna retire too? And since you have some free time, maybe you could give Stanford the coaching tips. He’s not having a great year, sort of like Andrew and the Nolefam. Have a nice vacation resting at homes. Buy the kids some ice cream.

  4. How typically generous it is of you to give a Miss Middleton a wedding gift of your presence. This explains why you didn’t play on clay this year.

    I was puzzled by this last line in a Guardian article on the upcoming nuptials mentioning some of those attending

    ” and, for reasons that are unexplained, tennis player Roger Federer.”

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