I’m Dreaming…

Original written by Irving Berlin – Since improved upon by Me. You’re Welcome

I’m dreaming of a Fedal finalfedal
Just like the ones we used to know
Where the foreheads glisten
and journos listen
To see a really lovely show

I’m dreaming of a Fedal final
With every fluffy ball I swipe
May My days be merry and bright
And may all My outfits be white


2 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming…

  1. Good effort. You mustn’t get too excited at your age. Here’s a little verse especially for you. I’m dreaming of an AO final/ Just like the ones I used to know/ Where the favourite fails/ And his audience wails/ To see the vanquished FedX go/……………………………I’m dreaming of a win for t’other/And hope that this dream will come true/And the old GOAT stumbles/And glory crumbles/To ashes. And goodbye to you! With love and commiserations from your devoted Andy fan. X

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