Forehands and Foxtrots

Hello Little People,

Many of you have been emailing Me and making many demands because I have been rather quiet in the lately times. You are yearning for Me and to make the honestations, I don’t blame you.

I chose not to win any majors this year instead focusing on My stubbly Fedstubblefaces that I know has caused a stir and ripples reaching out far beyond our galaxy. I’m not sure whether to carry this into 2016. I know Mr. Wimbledon prefers us clean shaven as well as wearing white cotton socks.

Whilst writing I’d like to draw your attentions to something rather important (probably second only to Me).

ForehandsThe Elena Baltacha Foundation is wanting to ensure that the Wimbledon grounds, facilities and food are ready for then I arrive during the Summer times. There is a special evening on April 9th, 2015 called, Forehands and Foxtrots. This exciting evening includes:

  • A scrumptious three course dinner prepared by My private chefs that I use when I am at SW19.
  • An auction with once in a lifetime experiences.
  • Dance demonstrations probably illustrating My stylish on court moves.
  • A disco to do the little dances and have the fun times!

All proceeds go to raising funds to further Bally’s commitment to get more children and families playing tennis.

This event is happening at the All England Club!

You must be dressed smartly, remember, Wimbledon is one of My homes and only the most fashionable will have access.

Spaces are limited so book your seat today!

Much love as always,
PF xx

5 thoughts on “Forehands and Foxtrots

  1. Mr. Pseudofed — Lose the grubby look! Hate it! You are better than that. Don’t hide your good looks this way. Sorry about O2 loss. Time for some R&R for a while to rest up for next year. Sincerely, a devoted fan.

  2. Oh anointed one, Psuedofed,
    We’re you going to do a shaving commercial like it was rumored? Was it the beard the reason why you chose to lose the ATP final? You are making the hysterics by not winning. Don’t let the Djoker steal your GOAT label.

  3. I mean the date of the charity event. As in my comment on Your October post PF, staff are letting You down on proof reading.

    Have to say tho’ I liked the stubbly faces, it makes You look more “mature”, or as non-fans would say, older.
    What do Your Gillette sponsors think?

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