A Song Written For Me …

Hello Everybody Fans!

As we approach Shang-High My fans have been getting excited at the prospect of seeing Me again. One such fan goes by the name of Cynthia Fan. She wrote Me a lovely little song that I’d like to share with you. If you do not follow her on the twitter I suggest you do:


Cynthia Fan also uses blogging technology:

Here is her humble message to Me:


I have written You a campaign song for Your annual ATP Fan Favorite Player campaign.
And the original lyrics:

A version custom-written for the GOAT:

Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble,
When you’re perfect in every way.
I can’t wait to hear from Brett Haber
That I’m becoming more godlike each day!

To see me is to praise me.
It’s obvious that I am the GOAT.
Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble,
When there’s no one else worthy of note.


I won the U.S. Open.
(Or I should have, as I told the press.)
I grudgingly thank my opponent
For giving me such a test.

As often as I tried out the SABR,
He had the gall to put a lob over me.
But New York should not count as much as Cincy,
Where I beat him in Best Two of Three.



In New York’s heat, some guys fainted.
I told them that there’s no excuse.
For reasons that I cannot fathom,
My comments drew lots of abuse.

Some say that I have a rival,
Who leads me by 23 to 10.
I laugh, of course, ’cause he’s not in my class,
‘Til he has his two sets of twins!

The tune is “Oh Lord, it’s Hard to be Humble.” The original song:


Thank you Cynthia!

Much love
PF xx

9 thoughts on “A Song Written For Me …

  1. Just discovered your blog, and am reading all the archives. Haven’t laughed so much in years. Please keep on posting.

  2. Thrilled to hear from You. Ordered Your book within 2 days of starting to read the blog. It arrived yesterday, and I am rationing myself to 2 chapters a day, so I don’t finish it too quickly. Sneaked a look at the glossary, and fell about laughing on discovering the great Roy Emerson was a member of Emerson Lake & Palmer. Who knew??

  3. While waiting for Your next post, I have been reading and re-reading Your book, especially when I need cheering up, as it gets funnier each time. You may need to fire staff responsible for proof reading/fact checking, though, as I found some oversights:

    Rosewall (glossary) never won the Wimbledon singles, so did not win “every Grand Slam at least twice”.

    Stanford (glossary) was Aussie Open champ in 2014, not 2013.

    Page 50, the line should read “AMOUNT of money into my Post Office savings account” not “about of money…”

    It is difficult to get good staff nowadays, you must sometimes feel it’s easier to do the job Yourself, but remember You are the GOAT, and have more important things to do (like writing another post, soon please!)

    • Hello Michele fan!

      Staff and I are please you are still enjoying The Book.

      The errors are, of course, intentional. Little things like this keep Me humble.

      Another blog post today! xx

  4. What a wonderful reply!! Why didn’t I think of that? Not #humble enough, I suppose.

    Seriously, PF, when you retire (not till at least 2036, I hope), you should consider becoming a politician, you have all the gifts for it.

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