Hello, it is Me You’re Looking For…

Well Hello there Everybody fans!

A rather large hello from the Big Apples. I’m so excited to play, today, on the first day of the U.S. Open. I write this message as I am waiting for Chef to bring Me a little surprise for breakfast. I will ask a staff member to make the publishings of this beautiful article on the blogging technology just as I win the match. That way you have watched Me, and now you can read Me.PseudoFed US Open Logo

Breakfast is always an exciting times and I always look forward to it. Today I hope it’s waffles with the squirty creams! I often ask Chef to bring the aerosol container on the side and if I feeling really adventurous and if nobody is looking I will squirt it straight in my mouth!

I’ve been playing rather well so far this year and I fancy My chances and Myself as we begin the battle for my 18th Grand Slams. I would like to send My best wishes to Serena who is hoping to win her 58th Major Title.

My inbox has been filled with so many of you asking why I have been so quiet lately and for that I appreciate your concern. I have been making the concentrations on My season deciding which Slam to win. I decided against winning Wimbledon at the last minute but that’s just how I roll.

To celebrate the U.S. Open staff have designed a new Limited Edition logo for my merchandise store. Remember 100% of the profit goes to the Elena Baltacha Foundation. My accountant tells Me that that 100%  means all of the proceeds. You learn something new every day!

Do head on over and buy yourself something fashionable whilst contributing to a great cause.

See you in the final!
PF xx

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3 thoughts on “Hello, it is Me You’re Looking For…

  1. Hello, It does seem a long time since I heard from you. I wasn’t worried although I was saving a little of my pension to buy you a retirement gift. You sound very chirpy and confident and I hope you haven’t peaked too soon. I actually prefer single cream and would never allow squirty cream to be squirted in anyone’s mouth although understand that yours is large enough even for the nozzle and the container. It gives me the laughings imagining that! Perhaps you shouldn’t push yourself too hard at the U.S. Open as I have the presumings that you’d like to be at the O2. Don’t strain your back!!! I see your book every day when doing the dusting. A little exaggeration there as I don’t dust every day. I am looking forward to watching Andy of the Murrays later. I hope you will command a staff member to watch for you. I hope that you will keep in touch when you are on holiday next week and send photos. I like to see you in shorts! Best wishes for your forthcoming retirement and I remain, as always…..your devoted Andy fan. X

  2. If you’ve lost your sabre, may the Force still be with You !
    (started with an ace 30 seconds ago – good stuff !)
    Best regards, Keith (table-tennis fan)

  3. If you’ve lost your sabre, may the Force still be with You on Sunday night !
    (started with an ace, 30 seconds ago – good stuff !)

    A little concerned that You are so late on court, as I am just in the beginnings of a new job this week and need to be getting up early (I could resign if I could get a role as #staff) – but as a #humble follower, I will stay up to support You !

    Best regards, Keith (table-tennis fan)

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