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Hello Little Ones,

Most of you would have seen that Stefan Edberg and I are no longer together. I broke the news on GOATbook recently: click to read.

There are many reasons I made that choice but I can’t think of any of them at the moment. When I do I’ll be sure to let you know. As I said, my physio Daniel Troxler and trainer Pierre Paganini will both remain part of My technical team in case I have any computer problems.

After packing Stefan’s small travel case I had to find a replacement. Of course, I rely on Ivan LjubicicTwitter technology and I looked through My extensive list of followers for inspiration of finding a coach. Well, when I say coach, I don’t mean it in the traditional sense of someone teaching Me something, I mean more like a companion.

Looking down the list I noticed Ivan Ljubicic was following Me so I decided to make his day and follow him back. I then sent him a text message using My portable telephone, “what are you doing?” I asked. He replied that he was excited to spend Christmas with his family and that he had many exciting projects for next year. I replied, “Cancel all of that, you’re hired”. After a short discussion I sent him My terms and conditions. Just the usual stuff such as I like to be paid on the 1st of every month and so on.

I, therefore, am making the official announcements that 2016 will be the beginning of another new era in tennis. There are another fifteen after this leading up to My retirement on or after 2036.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start My engines.

PF xx-

2 thoughts on “Latest news

  1. Thank you for letting us know about your technical arrangements. I see you have had the overwhelmings of replies. Most tennis fans are watching their recordings of the Davis Cup triumph of Andrew of the Murrays and making the puddings and cakes for the Christmas. I wish Ivan good luck….he’ll need it. Looking forward to the new year when the sinking in the ranks will take place. Do not be upset as 2016 will bring more leisure and leisure is always a pleasure. The motors are running but I can hear a shanking noise. Your devoted Andy fan. X

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