The PseudoFed Fashion Store Now Open!

Beep Beep Everybody people!

Greetings from the Gerry Springer Open in Halle!Female tank top

Long-time twitter followers will know that I don’t have any problems firing staff. It has reached the point where I now have fired more staff than I employ.  As you can see this is somewhat of a crisis for the GOAT. Therefore, as of today, I have hired everybody! Yes, even you!

The wonderful team from the Elena Baltacha Foundation had the pleasure of working with Me and together we created:

The PseudoFed Fashion store.

100% of proceeds from all items go directly to the Foundation.

I carefully chose every product and have written a description for each item for your pleasure. Rather than generic t-shirts we have high quality garments from adidas shirtNike, Adidas, American Apparel and more. In addition to clothes, there are other fun items too like a watch, wallet, tie and even a shirt for doggy staff members. Staff will add new items from time to time so check back often.

As well as being seen in these exclusive garments and being the envy of others, you’ll be helping an amazing cause so please share this information to family, friends and people that you do not know.

Anybody not wearing one of these high fashion items when you come to see Me play during Wimbledon will be asked to leave the grounds.

Much love,
PF xx


For customers in the United Kingdoms:

For U.S. customers the storefront is:

If you live elsewhere in the world just pick whichever you’re nearest to as both stores ship internationally.

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