Dear Mr. Wimbledon…

Hello Mister Wimbledon,

Long time no see, well, about a year actually.

As I sit here with staff making the anxious faces about the draw which is to be announced shortly, I would like to discuss some things.

You would have seen Roland (the French version of you) gave Me a favourable draw, it even surprised Me. I was going to urge you to do the same but I thought no, let’s push the envelopes and think outside of the boxes.

Brad Gilbert with PseudoFed t-shirt

Mr. Bradlings showing that he is part of Team Pseudo.

I propose that I get a bye to the final. Before you make the scoffing faces and think I am being ridiculous please allow Me a chance to make the explanations.

Everybody likes Me. I’m not being rather large headed, this is just a fact and if I can embrace it, so should you. Therefore, everybody wants to see Me in the final and if I’m honest, I do too. I am really big on fairness so I want to make it clear from the onset that I am perfectly happy for all the other players to play each other for a chance to meet Me in two weeks time. It’s actually more exciting this way as they have a double motivation, 1. to reach the prestigious final and 2. to meet Me there!

In either case I am excited to be here again in Great Britains, I shall have a nice cup of tea now.

Before I go and wait for the draw I have two bits of news:
1. Please buy a fashionable T-Shirt from The PseudoFed Fashion Store. 100% of proceeds go to the amazing Elena Baltacha Foundation. See details with links by clicking here.
2. My book is now available in paperback version from and Amazon UK as well as Amazon Europe sites. If you live outside of these areas Amazon ship internationally.

Much love,
PF xx

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