7 thoughts on “A Man and His Shorts >>

  1. This result is yet another example of your incredible generosity. You so graciously decided to lose against Stanford so that he would win Roland Garros.
    You have won so very many Slams that another one doesn’t really matter much. And of course, you were also thinking of your staff and didn’t want to burden them with yet another trophy to polish.

    • Dear Goat,

      I agree with SM. It troubles me greatly that after all you’ve done for him Stan is so ungrateful.

      He ignored your gracious phone call. He took one of your cast off tablecloths that you used for les picnics and turned it into shorts.

      If I may make so bold as to offer vous un petit suggestion instruct your staff to remove him from your Christmas card list. That will put him back in his rightful place.

      You are the stellar sun, he is one of your satellites but he is forgetting his place, as he will forever be eclipsed by you.

  2. What do you think about Boris Pecker shooting off his mouth that the Djoker Nole doesn’t like you? It seems implausible that someone doesn’t like the goat. If anything Nole should be part of your staff hall of fame, having taken so many GS losses from you.

  3. It may be implausible and even upsetting to us, but I’m sure the GOAT doesn’t trouble himself with mere mortals such as the two you mentioned.

    Anyway his staff willdo what needs to be done.

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