Gael in a Gale

When I created the world in 14 days, I took the middle Sunday as a day off to relax and do the restations. Something Mr. Wimbledon acknowledges and respects by making the prohibitations of tennis matches on that day.

Look, I totally acknowledge the draw I was gifted, though when you expect something it isn’t such a surprise when you get it. I didn’t really expect, however, to play on My day of rest. As if playing on this dirty clay isn’t enough. One thing I hate and that is artificial surfaces. I created grass, everybody knows what grass is, it’s everywhere. I created hard surfaces and we have all seen these in nature such as where you usually park your car by stadiums, shopping centres and airports. As a side note, at Wimbledon you park your car on the grass, that’s how good they are. What I did not create was clay. This horrible man-made substance does not exist in nature, where else do you see it other than on tennis courts?

To make matters worse, the weather doesn’t look too great today. It appears that I will be playing Gael in a Gale. Of course, I have arranged for the final to have beautiful sunshine just in case I may choose to attend.

On a final note, a message to My French fans. Please be consistent Mon fans. You have always cheered Me more than a fellow countryman, something that doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world, please ensure that this anomaly remains.

See Me later!

Much love,
PF xx

4 thoughts on “Gael in a Gale

  1. Dear Roger, French fans may support you against Gasquet aka baby-fed because if they have to choose between two Feds, they may prefer the original one. But Monfils has always been a very original Le Monf, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Dear not Roger, maybe You should start doing same thing as leNO. He screams all the time,but after that-he wins, alas… But,maybe You allready start doing that? Good choice # smart…

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