Mercedes Benz

Hello Everybody Fans!

I’d like to thank Mercedes Benz USA for following my personal account on the Twitter. Little bit late to the party but staff forgive you on My behalf.mcusa - Copy

Now we are connected, in that you’re following Me, do you think you could send an engineer over to check some things on the GOAT carrier? Nothing serious (obviously) but just the little niggles:

– I noticed that when it rains the car gets wet. Do you know if this is normal or is it something I should be concerned about?

– When I get into the driver’s seat I have noticed that the engine does not turn on unless I press the button.

– Perhaps connected to the previous point, after arriving at a destination the engine does not switch itself off. It’s almost acting like some sort of machine that does not have any awareness of My needs.

– I find the climate control quite pleasing, is there any way that it can be linked to what I see out of the windows and windscreen? It would be lovely if I turn the temperature up and then, for example, the trees that are before Me are replaced with palm trees and such things. Surely with today’s technologies we can do this? Perhaps call Steven Spielbergs?

– One last thing, is there anyway you can get the nice lady that speaks on the voice control system to address Me personally? It would be really great if when everything switches on she says, “Hello GOAT”.

Anyway, not sure how long I’ll be in Indian Wells but if you could get someone over to Me by the weekend that’d be great! If I’m on court please get your guy to head on over to Larry Edison’s office. His Grandfather invented the light bulb apparently. Who knew?

Much love,
PF xx


10 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz

  1. Dear Pseudofed, I am so sorry to hear you have this troubles with your automobile. Please keep on blogging, you brighten up my dull days. Love, Bernadette

  2. Hello! Meredes Benz are definitely tardy for as the song goes ‘The Party’s Over, it’s Time to Call it a Day’.It’s sad to see the ages creeping up and with that the demands that are frankly impossible to fulfil. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in the twilight of your career. Twilight and sunshine better even than the eclipse for a fading star.Your bright shirt like the sun is giving me the aches of the head. Please get Staff to find a more suitable shade of grey.I have heard there are 40 so should be easy.Must go now to iron my Go Andy of the Murrays shirt for later. You be careful of giant Canadians bearing balls. Best wishing from your devoted Andy fan.x

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